Bad character Prince Harry’s ‘Today’ interview was ‘stimulating’ and ‘triggering’

The Invictus Games have been a full week, and Salt Island is still rocking, muttering, in their padded cell. “But Prince Harry’s interview today, but his interview !!” As I said last week, I was surprised that Harry gave so much news in the interview, ranging from his comments about “making sure the Queen is safe” to his refusal to comment on his father and brother, his apparent hesitation about participation. Platinum Jubilee It was a good interview and he was able to create news on a personal level and highlight games and draw more attention to Invictus. But, you know, a week later and the Salt Island commentators are still trying to make the Today interview the most scandalous thing that ever happened to the royal family.

In a recent U.S. TV interview, Prince Harry’s suggestion that he has a ‘really special relationship’ with his grandmother could prove detrimental to helping heal the rift between the Duke of Sussex and the royal family, a royal expert has claimed.

Speaking on the latest episode of True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, commentator Roya Nikah described Harry’s confession that he still has a close relationship with the 96-year-old queen, although the possibility of her controversial move to California in 2020 could be “stimulating” and for the rest of her family. Triggering ‘- those who are’ always there for the queen ‘.

Royal expert Nikkah told The Royal Beat’s host Kate Thornton: “This comment was very encouraging for the rest of her family, who are always around the Queen and I’m sure the Queen trusts her a lot.”

He added: ‘There is no doubt that these two [the Queen and Prince Harry] Have an incredibly special, intimate relationship. But I think I want to tell an American network that these comments are going to go around the world and come back to your family, that Queen Harry said something that she felt she could not tell any other member of her family to see her. Much more regular – it just feels pretty irritating. ‘

[From The Daily Mail]

“Incendiary,” my lord. The hyperbole does not fail to surprise me when these commentators discuss Sussex. It could not be that Harry’s interview was “interesting” or “newsworthy” or “glamorous and professional”. It must be arsonist, it must be a bomb exploding in the heart of the monarchy, it must always be the most significant breach of trust. So why are they really crazy? I still think it’s because Harry hinted that the Queen has very few people around her. Hundreds of people around the queen are leaking the same people to Roya Nikah and the rest of them.

Images courtesy of Backgrid, Instar and the ‘Today’ screencap.

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