Bad character Queen Elizabeth will miss the Royal Mondi Service, she is sending

I completely forgot that Queen Elizabeth likes to make religious appearances around Easter. To be fair, he did not make such a public appearance in 2020 or 2021, mostly because of the epidemic. I would guess he has had a quiet visit to the church in Windsor in recent years, but he has not been to any public Royal Market or Royal Easter service since 2019. Easter Mound is traditionally the Thursday before Good Friday and the day of celebration. Initiation of the Last Supper and the Eucharist. At the Church of England, the Queen went to church and gave special coins to seniors for Moundy services. This year, he will not participate. He is sending Charles and Camilla to his place. I wonder if he wanted to send Prince Andrew.

Queen Elizabeth will miss a pre-Easter tradition. The palace announced Friday that the king will miss the Royal Mound service at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on April 95, 14. Held on the Thursday before Easter each year, Queen Maundy distributes specially made coins known as Money. Recognize people over the age of 70 for their service to their community.

Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, will be present at the Queen’s place, and Charles will distribute the money.

Although Queen Elizabeth continues to carry light responsibilities and retain a virtual audience from Windsor Castle, her public travels have become increasingly rare amid a number of health hazards.

A royal source told People, “It’s a pity he’s not joining.”

The source added that the Queen could not promise to attend but the service order was being printed and knew that “the service has been confirmed and all recipients were aware to avoid any misunderstandings or imprints of the event that day.”

The Queen first joined the Royal Mound in 1935 as Princess Elizabeth. Although he traditionally attends events every year, he missed out on this service before his reign, twice after having children and twice traveling to other parts of the Commonwealth.

This would be Prince Charles’ first admission to the Royal Mounty Service for the Queen, but he had previously joined the Queen twice in 1962 and 1968. The queen was accompanied by other members of the royal family on several occasions. Prince Philip and granddaughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. This is also the first time Camilla has participated in the service. Her appearance will be particularly significant earlier this year, when Queen Elizabeth Charles ascended the throne one day and declared her “sincere desire” to make Camilla known as the Queen’s Concert.

[From People]

So, basically, they were going to leave it in the air and decide on the same day whether the Queen was feeling for joining the service but then they decided to cancel for the sake of the printed order of the service? Yes, I did not buy it. I don’t think he ever went, and he probably stopped his schedule a few weeks ago. I still wonder what he had to give through the gratitude service, because I think he ate painkillers. All is well, but the silence surrounding his mobility problems, his refusal to use a wheelchair in public, and his promise to cancel almost every public presence have left a huge power vacuum within the royal family.

Also: If I’m being ruthless, I’ll point out that using the values ​​of the Daily Mail for Prince Harry, the cancellation of Queen Elizabeth’s presence means he’s not careful enough about deep religious holidays to make this effort. What, she could go to a service for a memorial for her husband but not a service for a significant Christian holiday?

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