Bad character Sebastian Stan: Method actors’ create chaos’, ‘irresponsible,

Who do you think you are when you think of “method acting”? For me, it’s Christian Bell, Jared Leto, Jeremy Strong (hull, one of these things isn’t like the others). But do you know who is not a method actor? Sebastian Stan. He is a solid character actor. He seems to have disappeared into his role and it never seems like his real personality is coming. Apparently, this is by design and he is very careful about creating characters that are different from his own, but Sebastian has recently spoken out against acting in this way, calling it “creating chaos” and comparing it to torturing others.

For the most part, Sebastian Stan seemed completely transformed when he starred opposite Lily James and Seth Rosen in Palm & Tommy – Hulu’s wild biographical drama about leaked sex tapes by Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee – earlier this year.

The notoriously hot and sometimes violent drummer from Mötley Crue was a new and challenging area for the actor, who was probably best known for his role as the rest of the Burns / Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before setting foot in Tommy Lee.

Well, Sebastian reflected on his character development, and the processes that helped him bring a real person to life onscreen, during a recent backstage in the Envelope podcast.

It turns out that despite Sebastian’s concerns about bringing his own personal behavior to work, he is not already a fan of the dubious “method” approach to acting. The reason is here.

“I do not believe in creating chaos for this purpose [acting]“Sebastian explained.” And I know actors do it a lot. There are a lot of people who do that, they create a kind of chaos in that set, or they create chaos in the other people they are working with, so that somehow the scene gets this excitement or whatever. “

“It reads like this: ‘I’m scared, and I want to torture everyone else because of it.'”

Given some of the horror stories we’ve heard about actors using character entry techniques – for example, Ahem, Jared Leto sent a live rat to Robbie during the filming of Suicide Squad – it certainly sounds like Sebastian has the right idea.

[From Buzzfeed]

What Sebastian says here is absolutely correct. In many ways, method acting seems like creating chaos, or with very little difficulty, for acting. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Like Sebastian, it seems to be the result of fear. Fear that they will not be good enough at all their work without hours and whistles. Actors should be able to act without panicking their coasters. We never hear of acting in a way that gives kindness and comfort. Jared Leto is the worst criminal. On set he was absolutely horrible Suicide Squad And most recently refused to break the character for a bathroom break while portraying a character in a wheelchair. It’s horrible the way he treats people with “craft” and usually for moderate results. Despite all these efforts, Jared is still not enlightening the world with his acting. Sebastian Stan is great in every role I’ve seen him, which shows that the method isn’t always necessary and no matter how hard you try you can’t fake real talent and effort.

Most recently, a handful of actors have spoken out against method acting. Maybe Jeremy Strong New Yorker Brian Cox’s comments about the profile and then the process a few months ago revived the conversation. But, apart from Sebastian Stan, Mads Mickelsen, Will Poulter and John Burnthal have all spoken out against it. I think the method has acting level. Jeremy Strong, for example, did not leave his real-life family when Kendall Roy was drowned, but from that man. The child of anarchy Has haunted his girlfriend for months for a character. Christian Bell had Super Method on the set The Dark Knight Rises – Until his wife comes to visit. But at least Christian and Jeremy turned out to be great performances. It’s one thing to get into the character, but it’s quite another to terrorize your coaster completely – and move away from it – just as Leto did. I think Sebastian’s acting style is accurately described and I’m glad he didn’t take part in it for his role because it seems a bit arrogant and he’s fine without it.

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