Bad character Sharon Osborne’s fifth facelift was dirty and painful, what a shame.

This story was published a few days ago but I still wanted to talk about it. First, Sharon Osborne is a terrific F-Iing man on many levels. All I know is that if it weren’t for the racist A-hole like Sharon, I’d be sympathetic to someone who got a grueling facelift. Although it did happen to her, * Shrug Emoji * was a textbook case of Karen Hunting while she was on The Talk if you weren’t familiar with Sharon. She talked to her black colleagues when they tried to talk to her gently about racism, cried in white tears and was eventually fired, earning lotto money for being a POS. He has done much more terrible in support of BFF Pierce Morgan’s racist opposition targeting Duchess Megan, and she has been a victim for years. So when he says that his most recent facelift in October, I believe it was his fifth because I remember his fourth covered, badly deprived and made him look like a cyclop – I’m not going to rejoice in his pain but I will Doesn’t feel bad. He had complications from the fourth.

Sharon Osborne revealed that she had a facelift last fall, but plastic surgery did not leave her feeling like she had found the fountain of youth.

“I had a complete facelift in October and I looked like one of the F-King mummies they’ve wrapped up. [with bandages]”Osborne, 69, told the Sunday Times in London …” It hit like hell. You have no idea. “

“I tell you, it was terrible. [To the surgeon] I mean, like, ‘You have to have fun.’ One eye was different from the other. I looked like King Cyclops. I, for example, ‘All I need is a hump.’

He added that Ozzy Osbourne, whom he married in 1982, had confirmed that it did not look good. “He said, ‘I don’t care how much it costs, we’ll rebuild it,'” he recalls.

However, Sharon – who shares the kids with Aimee, 38, Kelly, 37, and Jack, 36, Ozzy – said her face was “fixed now” and she liked her new look.

[From US Magazine]

Should facelifts stop at a number one? I think two are right. As you get your first one, you let it last for a decade or more and then you get another one as a refresher. Three are much more and four or five are facing disaster. Although the first or second facelift may be incorrect, you may need multiple surgeries to correct it. I’m not going to age very nicely, I’m struggling with it and I can get a lift or injection at some point. If I do, I hope I know when to call it, although the results are somewhat uncomfortable. Sharon’s life is marked by many bad decisions that show she doesn’t know when to call it, the main one being her marriage to Ozzy.

Unfortunately Ozzy now has Kovid. He was vaccinated for the first time in February 2021, so I assume he is completely vaccinated and hopefully he has at least one booster. Sharon has revealed Oz’s diagnosis in The Talk UK, where he is now working. Tell me again, to cancel the culture for those who refuse to learn.

I’m only posting it because it looks dynamic and it’s captioned so you don’t have to listen to it She looks like a madam doll while walking.

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