Bad character Sussex will be given VIP security status in the Netherlands

It is disturbing to see the British media go crazy over the security of the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess of Sussex. Is the British media sure that Sussex Security is their business? Is the British media trying to convince British taxpayers that they are paying Harry and Meghan to stay in the Netherlands for the Invictus Games? Why this wall to wall coverage? Is it a common theme in the British media to actively pose a threat to Harry and Megan? Anyway, this is a mess and they are playing a very dangerous game. After days of trembling and crying over the “demand” of royal protection from Harry and Meghan King Willem-Alexander, they are now acknowledging that Sussex is probably getting the same kind of protection that any government gives VIPs.

Prince Harry and Megan Merkel have been given “VVIP status” by Dutch police ahead of a visit to the Netherlands this weekend. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be in touchdown for the Invictus Games and will be protected by a “high-level multi-agency security program,” according to the report. Their request to arm their private security team while on their way to Holland was rejected by the Dutch authorities. However, their bodyguards reportedly contacted officials to work together during Sussex’s first trip to Europe since Mexit.

Officials have given the pair “high-level assurances that their safety is a priority.” The couple has been assured that there is “no credible threat” to their safety and that they will be looked after with the utmost care by Dutch security. The Mirror reports that there is a “high-level multi-agency protection program” for couples for the duration of their trip. It includes direct links to all law enforcement and emergency services, as well as a “detailed evacuation process” in the event of a “personal or large-scale terrorist attack”. The Dutch National Police’s DKDB Royal and Diplomatic Security Service are said to be leading the operation.

Harry and Megan, 40, also reportedly attended a “hostile environment” training course conducted by their security team. A source told the Mirror: “Harry and Megan are fully convinced that there is no credible threat to their safety. This is the view of the Dutch authorities and other organizations across the continent. However, since they are attending a high profile event in the Netherlands, Duke and Duchess Both have been classified as VVIPs for the duration of their stay, and the Dutch will always have overall responsibility for their safety while in the Netherlands. “

[From The Sun]

“… but their bodyguards reportedly contacted officials to work together …” You know, because a VIP who has his own personal security will do just that when it comes to dealing with skilled police and intelligence. Contrary to Salt Island’s historicity, Harry’s personal security was told they could not carry weapons or receive threatening briefings from the Met or Scotland Yard, and Harry was told he could not pay the police for his protection. As it was, they told him there was no need to protect him because of his status – not a threat against him – and that was it. However, I hope Harry and Megan remain safe despite the British media’s attempts to incite violence and sow chaos … an event for the injured elderly.

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