Bad character Sussex’s Invictus Games need ‘a win’, according to one

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will probably arrive in the Netherlands today or tomorrow, I think. The opening ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, and I can’t see them flying during the day? Although who knows. As we have seen throughout the week, the presence of Harry and Megan in the Netherlands has created a lot of drama in Salt Island. The royal reporters all felt that Harry and Megan had slapped them in the face personally. No one can believe that Harry emptied his grandfather’s 40-minute memorial service more than two weeks ago, but somehow Harry founded an international initiative to celebrate wounded fighters around the world. So, obviously, now that same slap, blind, salty dumbass has a lot to say about how Sussex “needs a win”. I’m not you.

Prince Harry and Megan Merkel will be under intense public scrutiny when they land for the Invictus Games in the Netherlands – April 16-22. The couple faced low-headlines last month for failing to fly to Prince Philip’s Memorial Service in London, where Harry’s frail grandmother, 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth, was present.

“They need a win,” said a high-ranking royal source. “They are never going to win with some of the people in England, perhaps the majority, but their presence at the Invictus Games could rekindle their support in a certain young population in the UK.”

Harry has served in the British Army for 10 years and has served actively on the frontline in Afghanistan. But he has now lost his honorary naval and RAF rank and returned to the Queen his titles of Captain General Royal Marine, Honorary Air Commandant, RAF Honington and Commodore-in-Chief, Small Ship and Diving, Royal Naval Command.

“Harry has never spoken publicly about losing the title, but it weighs heavily on him,” said another palace source familiar with Sussex’s departure from the UK. “All you have to do is see the tears in his eyes as he last wore a Royal Albert Hall Royal Marines captain’s uniform, just before he left the UK to see how upset he was … Invictus Games his way to his relationship with something very dear to his heart. To maintain. “

In reality, the couple will be followed by a Netflix camera crew who are creating a “Heart of Invictus” series following wounded fighters from around the world. “You can’t leave Sussex’s patrons,” the royal source said.

The big question now is whether Harry will travel from the Netherlands to London on April 21 to visit his grandmother on his 96th birthday.

The royal source said, “It will say everything,” I actually think it might have imprinted Harry Philip’s memorial, but let’s see if he’s in it to see his grandmother.

[From Page Six]

If the LMAO really needs a win for Sussex, I think that’s the win: “I actually think it could have overtaken Harry Philip’s memorial” – well, isn’t that a kick to the Narrows. Harry confirmed that he was not going back to the days of the memorial, and that the memorial was full of European monarchies and extended Windsor groups (including a Kate), and all of them were overshadowed by Harry’s absence? Damn, they are somewhat dull and uncarismmatic regal! I still don’t understand why “royal sources” continue to play the harp like “they need a win” or “the palace will watch their trip to New York very carefully”. For example, Harry and Meghan are gone. They are doing their own thing. They do not live or die by their approval rate in the UK. Harry and Meghan are perfectly healthy and prosperous, despite years of smears, harassment, and real dangers that make all royal sources and royal journalists sick.

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