Bad character The academy banned Will Smith from the Oscars for 10 years

Am I surprised? If Will Smith simply apologized No. I have already resigned from the academy, I wonder if his punishment would have been much lighter. The academy thought they should be given some big punishment, and maybe the academy membership should have been left on the table, you know? High-ranking officials from the academy held their meeting to determine Will’s sentence, and the meeting was held in LA on Friday morning, although it was disrupted by video-conference. Every step taken by the academy before the meeting telegraphed the fact that they would react to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. And that’s exactly what they do. They have decided that Will will be banned from the Oscars and all academy events for the next ten years. This is a hole saying over themselves.

Twelve days after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock and shouted obscenities at the 94th Academy Awards, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ruled that Smith – who was nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars later that evening – had been barred from returning. Going to the Oscars or attending any other academy event for the next 10 years. Smith will retain the Oscars he has won and will be eligible for future Oscar nominations and wins.

The academy’s 54-member board of governors held a special meeting Friday morning to decide what action to take against Smith. Until a week ago, when Smith announced that he was resigning as a member of the organization, he was expected to face suspension or expulsion, in violation of the Code of Conduct applied by the Academy following the outbreak of the #MeToo movement.

Many members of the industry have expressed outrage at Smith’s behavior, which he himself has described as “tragic, painful and unforgivable.” Some even called for him to lose the Oscar statue that was given to him and / or his qualifications for a future Oscar. But the academy seems to have doubled its long-held position that there is a line between onscreen work and offscreen behavior. (Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski have been expelled from the organization, but each still has the Oscar statue given to them.)

In a letter to members sent after Friday morning’s meeting, Hudson and Rubin acknowledged that they had “not properly dealt with the situation in the room” and apologized that they were “unprepared for the unprecedented.” They “express deep gratitude to Mr. Rock for his restraint in the extraordinary circumstances” and the host, nominees, presenters and winners for their courtesy and kindness during our telecast this evening.

Shortly afterwards, Smith, through a spokesman, issued a brief statement of his own: “I accept and respect the decision of the Academy.”

[From THR]

You can read open letters from academy members at THR. I said, a complete excessive response. Even the only trade-paper comparisons between Will’s activities with Roman Polanski and Harvey Weinstein. Polanski raped a child. Weinstein raped and sexually abused dozens of women. Will Smith slaps one. A man who has been talking about Will’s wife for decades. And what kills me is that the slap turned the Oscars into a huge event and one of the biggest cultural moments of the year, and the event will be featured on every award show (including the Oscars) from now on. They will find a way to profit from it, monetize it and laugh at it, all while keeping the will marginalized and banned. The academy looks out of touch here. At least they didn’t go down without explaining themselves first. You know what they wanted.

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