Bad character The Cambridge kids will probably have several appearances at the Jubilee

All eyes are now on the Platinum Jubilee. This is the next big royal event, and one that has been endlessly anticipated and annoyed over the years. It is learned that Queen Elizabeth II personally asked the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to come for the Struggle Jubilee in June and they are reportedly considering their options. As Harry said in his Today Show interview, there are security issues and other issues. Personally, I believe both Harry and Meghan know well enough that if they make sure to attend in June, all hell will break down and then the conversation will be over. “How can they be so bold and arrogant to believe that anyone wants to see them?” And “Okay, they shouldn’t be allowed on the balcony!” If they come, the queen must have asked them. Remember, that. However, the Telegraph had a slight preview of the jubilee event and jubilee plans, and sources said that the two older children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would probably make some jubilee appearances as well.

There is a shadow of a conspiracy over who will come and who will not, as the Duke of Sussex is still confused by his invitation and feels good enough for the Queen to attend. But even the youngest members of the elderly royal family want to gather at the Platinum Jubilee, as the firm tries to focus on the Queen and her legacy. The three Cambridge children will take a “visible” part in the jubilee celebrations, as family members play with their energy to show off their royal power.

The Prince of Wales is preparing to play a “host” for key events, including the Bank Holiday Concert where he will be lecturing, while the Duchess of Cornwall has put her cheerful social skills to good use with a big lunch. The Duke of Cambridge will lead on military elements, with the Queen reviewing Trooping the Color in an official visit a week before her review as one of the focal points of the Jubilee Weekend. The Duchess of Cambridge will continue her focus on children and the outside world with Superblum: London’s Tower project to flood the entire moat with flowers with one slide.

Prince George, eight, Princess Charlotte, who will soon be seven, and four-year-old Prince Louis will attend the event, although their parents may follow the pattern that the Duke of Edinburgh set for their gratitude service for confirming them. Only last minute appearance. They will appear on the porch of Buckingham Palace, and fans are expected to see their debut in their Trooping the Color car. Their father, Prince William, got into his first official car at the age of four.

The Duke of Sussex is said to be undecided as to whether he, the Duchess and their two children will fly to London for the event to mark the Queen’s 70th birthday on the throne. They will have security for all jubilee events, the Sunday Telegraph has established, removing a key barrier. A palace source said the ball was in his court, with his grandmother and father eager to welcome Sussex to the “family” event. When Prince Harry and Meghan moved to California two years ago, they will be unable to attend the official work of the jubilee, leaving their official roles.

[From The Telegraph]

Reading this has made my royal-gossip like the sixth sense mad. There is a lot of focus (from Queen and Charles) to take Harry and Megan to the Jubilee. The Cambridges don’t want them there, and if Sussex comes, the Cambridges will work to avoid them. At the same time, there is a lot of focus on being able to control Harry and Meghan for the time being in the UK. Sussex will not be allowed to check in or invite events with the charity. Their movements will be limited to “family” events and there will be an interest in ensuring that Harry and Meghan are also seen being “cut off” by the family. For example, they will be allowed on the empty balcony but pushed back to make sure the Cambridges are in the front and in the center. All this just screams MESS. I hope Meg and Hedge avoid it altogether.

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