Bad character The inter-palace code for Kate Middleton’s lack of jobs was ‘The Kate’.

The Duchess of Cambridge has always been shy. He never shared his mother’s work ethic, although it is largely clear that Carol trained and prepared Kate for social ascent and created “land” as a prince, leaving everything else out. Kate, like Prince William, graduated from St. Andrews in 2005. In the years between her university graduation and her engagement to William in the fall of 2010, Kate had only two jobs. There was an original job with a jigsaw, which he was basically part-time for a few months. His second job was as a “photographer” with the Middleton family company Party Pieces. No one believes for a second that Kate has done much with PP, but sure.

It is noteworthy that from the very beginning, Kate was always aware of laziness and lack of work ethic. Even the queen saw it. From the palace papers:

Even the Queen, who saw that Kate was more than likely to be here, reportedly thought she was attached to a “real job” or high-profile charity work. William was devoted to a tough training schedule, but Kate just felt like jumping into her parents’ company so she could be available when William came home to the party. The Queen’s discomfort increased after the 2008 economic downturn when Her Majesty was not at all fascinated by the pictures of her grandson and his girlfriend leaving Buzzis.

Palace sources said the queen “was acutely aware that Prince William’s public image could be damaged if his girlfriend was not recognized as a working professional in her own right.” Sources say there were conversations with “some loyal friends” about how to deal with what is being called the “Kate problem.” Having met Queen Kate on several occasions, Her Majesty clearly thought she was a pretty enough girl but had no idea what she actually did.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

[From The Palace Papers by Tina Brown]

It was reported at the time – around 2006-07 – that the Queen thought Kate should get a job and stop waiting indefinitely. What I didn’t know was that it had gone so far that the palace’s associates were briefing the press about the Queen’s concerns about Kate’s lack of employment. Perhaps the Queen asked Prince William to order his girlfriend to get the job and William got the message. I didn’t even know that the nickname for the inter-palace for Kate’s laziness was known as The Kate Problem. Bonkers.

In this section Palace papersThere’s also a story I didn’t know that invited William Kate to Sandringham for the Royal Christmas “House Party” in 2006, but she didn’t say it because they weren’t involved (I knew that part). So after rejecting Kate William’s invitation, she invited William to Scotland where her family rented a house for the holidays, and she was supposed to come on New Year’s Eve… and she didn’t show up. Just call him ghost, cold, without any warning. William apparently had a heart-to-heart talk with his father over Christmas, and Charles told him to wait until he was ready to make the offer. Meanwhile, Kate still hoped he would propose to her on or around her birthday in January 2007. William would drop him off on the phone in April of that year, but not before cheating with him.

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