Bad character Tina Brown: Duchess Megan had officially ‘intentional blindness’

I was on the team maybe Tina Brown would really do Royal Dirt Dish, but I was wrong. I totally admit that I was completely wrong about Tina Brown Palace papers. I thought he was doing what some royal commentators are doing, criticizing in the guise of inciting members of the royal family. Not too much – Palace papers Clearly the camp is deeply rooted in Cambridge, which means it’s a bullshit’s litany of how the Duchess of Sussex did what was completely wrong. The book’s Wapo Review points to Brown’s clear bias towards the Duchess of Cambridge and Brown’s blind spot on how much F-King was racist towards Windsor and the British press Megan. Here’s a look at some of the highlights from The Palace Papers:

Before Meghan, Harry and William fought for patronage: Interestingly, he says that the relationship between the two siblings began to decline long before Meghan Merkel’s unstable arrival. ‘The friction between the brothers has increased with their professional alignment,’ Brown wrote. ‘William knew he would have to be respectful of the classification when it came to his father’s ownership of the environmental platform, but he was less willing to join his brother.’ From his point of view, Harry felt that William was ‘hougging the best briefs’, especially in Africa and a rival to their shared interests in conservation. Brown claims that Harry wanted the prestigious Rhinoceros and Elephant Charitable Task Trust, of which William had been a patron since 2005. ‘Harry was a very, very angry man. I think they were all Olympic rows, “he said, quoting a friend of the brothers.

William Terrible Public Speaker: “If William gives a speech, he’ll have to type everything from” good evening, “and give it to him,” a charity official told him. “One evening when he came to our dining club, he froze as soon as he got up to talk.” Harry knew how to work in a house like his grandfather Prince Philip, starting with a trick to break the ice.

When Harry met Meghan: He and the prince were “drunk on a shared fantasy of being instruments of global transformation, who would work in the once married, celebrity stratosphere once inhabited by Princess Diana.”

Megan is terrible for being a good public speaker: The unveiling of the so-called ‘Fab Four’ gave the world a glimpse of this power grab, when Megan spoke explicitly to all her actresses at a meeting of their Royal Foundation, which established the mental health charity Heads Together. ‘Harry stared in amazement and his brother and Kate stood beside him with expressionless annoyance,’ Brown wrote. ‘When Kate had the moment to speak, she was less outspoken, as well as short.’

The courtiers of the dusty palace had no idea how to use Meghan’s charisma: So glamorous so far, but what the palace interiors saw as Meghan’s’ intentional blindness to institutional culture ‘was in conflict with the actress’ worldview. ‘In the ranking system of the entertainment world, Star Power is equal to W-leverage. . . Alas, he seemed to ignore a critical factor that would determine the outcome of his plans for the future: primitive. ‘

Meghan got it for free, oh no: In the book, Brown lights up an impressive and cunning light in Meghan’s life while meeting Harry and how her then blog, The Tig, was a dragonnet for luxury free. ‘He has won a reputation among marketers of luxury brands that are sincerely interested in accepting designer swag bags.’ A preacher quoted him as being copied in a message from a member of Meghan’s party after he became Duchess of Sussex. ‘To be sure [the publicist] Knows he can still send me something. He is always one of the good ones. ‘

Meghan concludes after a tour of the South Pacific: According to Brown, his view was that ‘the monarchy probably needed more than it needed. “She acted like a blockbuster film and wanted her lead-lady status to be reflected in the light.”

[From The Daily Mail]

The thing here is, I never believed that Meghan is a saint who walks on water, but blaming biographers is increasingly ridiculous. Everything At Meghan’s feet. Say whatever you want, but Meghan Raja tried. He tried to learn how to work within the organization. While still doing well, he tried to find ways to follow the “rules” (which only changed to be applicable to him). And they trashed him, they lied about him, they spread slander about him, they tried to get him out of the country.

Also: The free thing is very bizarre, of course the actors get free from the designers. Meghan had a celebrity profile and an Instagram account and her own blog. Of course the companies were sending his stuff.

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