Bad character Tina Brown is still revisiting Sussex and the Queen’s Soviet-style

I’m just going to talk about Tina Brown Palace papers, Because as soon as the stories come out I want to fact-check his bullshit. The way Brown is re-reading and retelling old stories should not be underestimated. But the conclusions he draws from those old, reconstructed stories are completely different. So, let’s get this one. We have known for some time that the Queen deliberately removed a picture of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from her Sandringham desk for her Christmas 2019 speech / video. As you can see above, the photos on her desk for the Christmas talk were of her father, her husband, her son Charles (and Camilla) and her grandson William and her family. Harry and Megan are gone. He did it on purpose to apparently deceive Harry and Meghan.

Again, it was December 2019, when Sussex was in Canada, planning how they would leave the monarchy. Harry, a longtime company man, understood the meaning of the Queen’s visuals. He realized he was being pushed out, and he knew they would jump before they were pushed. Tina Brown wants to retell the story that William was horrified to see pictures of the Queen’s desk because William believed there was a “discomfort” coming from Harry.

According to a new biography by Tina Brown, Prince William “panicked” when Queen Elizabeth II recorded a Christmas message on his desk without pictures of Prince Harry and Megan Merkel. There was a significant absence from the King’s annual broadcast that year – a picture of the couple that appeared a year ago. Former magazine editor Tina Brown describes in her new biography, The Palace Papers, how Prince William feared the move would provoke outrage from his brother.

In a book published April 26, he wrote: “William was shocked when he saw Sussex being edited. He knew his brother well enough to predict the creation of a Category 5 tantrum. “

There were signs that Harry and Meghan wanted to get out of royal life before the Queen’s pre-recorded address but according to the book it’s time to “pull the trigger”. Brown writes: “The previous Christmas, Charles, Camilla, five Cambridge and a family portrait of Harry and Megan were displayed on His Majesty’s elbow. But by December 2019, Sussex had evaporated, their image being discarded as efficiently as Stalin did for the sake of favoring an apathetic, pointing to an interesting portrait of His Excellency Harry, Megan and the baby Archie. ‘That,’ said the queen. ‘I don’t think we need it.’

The book points out that the photo selection was not a so-called accident, and has changed “artistically” every year since Elizabeth first aired an annual Christmas broadcast on television in 1957. Brown writes: “If Sussex had any misconceptions about whether there was any remnant, those suspicions disappeared when they saw the Queen’s Christmas message broadcast on 2019 television. In their own eyes, they saw that they had kicked the margins of the monarchy. The subtext was in the flotilla of carefully arranged family photographs on his desk. “

[From Newsweek]

Brown then describes in his ridiculous way how it was completely wrong for Harry and Meghan to announce their departure and to try to meet the Queen in person to talk about how they were leaving. It has always been a fundamental conflict between the royal establishment and it is still painful to see this story unceasingly restored without anyone pointing to it. So, if the Queen sends the message that Harry and Meghan are being pushed to the “margin” that they are not important, that they need to be ignored and emptied কেন then why is it so humiliating that they aren’t there? ? That they wanted out? Sussex got the message: the organization doesn’t want them or pays for them. So they left, and thus, they annoyed Queen, Charles and William terribly, the same people who were sending this message that Sussex is not important. I mean, I know why the company was so mad. They wanted to keep Harry and Meghan around but “put them in their place” and broke their spirits and abused them.

Brown is trying to quicken the word Sussex and react to the Queen’s Soviet-style deletion, thus frightening William Harry’s anger. When Harry and Meghan moved to Canada the whole reason was to plan their next move because they both knew they wouldn’t be in that toxic place.

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