Bad character Wessex was told that Antigua and Barbuda would become a republic

Glorious, a photo agency has some photos of the Earl and Countess of the Caribbean Flop Tour in Wessex! I actually think the Wessex trip was a bit insulting for the Ozzy flop tour a month ago, referring to it as a “flop tour”, a RIP for William and Kate’s strong reputation. The Wessex tour is terribly annoying, stage-driven hell, and they’re paying a photographer to document this mess (just I believe) for royal social media. Worse still, whenever Edward and Sophie visit By Make headlines, headlines are awesome. Like the title “This country hates Britain” And “That country wants to compensate the royal family” And “This country wants members of the royal family to acknowledge their role in the genocide.” Speaking of something:

The prime ministers of Antigua and Barbuda have stressed the importance of paying compensation for slavery in Britain’s former colonies after Countess Prince Edward and Sophie from Wessex arrived in the country for a platinum jubilee visit. During a formal meeting with the couple at his office in the capital, St. John’s, Gaston Brown further hinted that the nation wants to remove the Queen as its head of state “at some point”, though not immediately. The Prime Minister urged the Earl and Countess of Wessex to use their “diplomatic influence” to achieve “vengeful justice” across the Caribbean.

Although he claimed that the royal family was not involved in the “controversial issue”, Mr Brown said he wanted the couple to “understand these issues … so that you can use your diplomatic influence to seek the vengeful justice we want”.

“We are not trying to embarrass you, we are just trying to create awareness,” the prime minister told the couple. “You cannot necessarily comment on this because you are representing an organization that does not comment on controversial issues. Our civilization should balance the atrocities that took place during colonialism and slavery and we need to strike a balance through open discussion. The reality is that we are deprived of modern institutions like universities and medical facilities. ”

Expressing his desire for Antigua and Barbuda to be a republic, he said: “As you know, we have a long, historic tradition as a British colony and we have continued to have the Queen as our head of state – although I must say, here, we are at one stage a republic. Aspiring to be, but it is not currently on the card, so the Queen will be head of state for some time.

In response, Prince Edward did not acknowledge or address the issue of slavery compensation, adding that he was “not keeping notes” during Mr Brown’s speech and would therefore be unable to respond to every point raised. The prince, however, praised Antigua and Barbuda for the successful rollout of his Covid-19 vaccination program.

[From The Independent]

Just to underline the point, Brown specifies when the Queen dies, all bets are off for Antigua and many of these Commonwealth countries. It’s not a threat, it’s just true. We should also keep in mind that Brown let Sophie and Edward sit before they spoke. So it wasn’t the Jamaican special, when the Prime Minister shot live on camera in his office before giving you a seat. That being said, Edward and Sophie knew that some of us were coming to it. Nothing was ready to say in Edward’s response, even if it was a personal apology and an extension of warmth and support, well, it speaks volumes.

While the Wessexes were in St. Lucia, having a formal meeting with Prime Minister Philippe J. Pierre, they exchanged gifts. Dang Sophie and Edward’s gift to the Prime Minister? A signed photo of Sophie and Edward. It was like a 30 Rock The farce if Jenna Maroni and Tracy Jordan were royal.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Instar and Getty.

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