Bad character Wessexes’ Caribbean tour is a disaster, but no one even pays a penny

Here are some pictures of the Earl and Countess of Wessex in St. Lucia on Friday. They arrived in a storm of controversy greater than the tragic flop tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a month ago. Almost every country on the Wessex tour stated how Sophie and Edward should not only be expected to waltz in these Caribbean countries, posing with some black children and saying nothing about Britain’s role in slavery and the Caribbean slave trade.

A planned trip to Grenada has already been canceled, and the citizens of Grenada are outraged that Wessex will not bother to see them or even hear their voices. Meanwhile, the Antigua and Barbuda Repair Support Commission has issued a stern statement calling for the false sanctity of Windsor. What the Commission calls this visit: “Your ‘wishes will not leave us’ tour.” This whole thing is on fire:

Perhaps more painful for Edward and Sophie is that despite this mountain of controversy, they are still not making an international headline. Very few photo agencies are buying photos and it would not surprise me at all if Wessex basically pays photographers to document their tours. This means that we are only getting “authorized” photos anyway So … Sophie and Edward’s tour is arguably going to be worse than the Cambridge flop tour, but people won’t realize it because there aren’t tons of photos and videos of Wessex blacks returning and wandering around in their colonial gear.

Yes, Edward’s suit jacket was lined with red – the same red as Sophie’s dress. The other time we saw a royal man “match” with his wife was on Commonwealth Day 2020, when Prince Harry’s suit jacket was lined with green, as green as Meghan’s dress.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Getty, Instagram.

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