Bad character Wessex’s tragic Caribbean tour may be his last royal visit

The British Foreign Office, the Royal Palace and the Commonwealth countries need to combine resources to ensure that the “royal tour” goes well, just to make the visit so offensive, think about what countries want to get out of the Commonwealth. . In addition, when the Earl and the Countess of Wessex are sent on tour, they do not really pay attention to the countries they visit. Sophie and Edward are not paying for the “tour” they sent for the trip. They are too annoying to be members of an attractive royal family and too toned to be effective soft-diplomats. And worst of all, the goal of Wessex’s Caribbean tour was simply to “do no harm.” They are not expected to achieve anything beyond “being neutral”. They could not do that. So this Wessex Caribbean adventure is probably the last one of its kind.

Prince Edward’s royal visit to the Caribbean will be among the last to be preached by the preachers as their visit is marked by anti-colonial protests and calls for compensation for slavery. Earl of Wessex and his wife Sophie began a week-long tour of Antigua and Barbuda, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and St. Lucia last Friday to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

As the tour progressed, evangelists at three destinations along the route called for compensatory justice – from open letters demanding compensation to full-fledged monarchical objections on the streets. Towards the end of the tour, more countries in the Caribbean hinted at future aspirations to divorce the British monarchy – such as Antigua and Barbuda and St. Kitts and Nevis – just as Jamaica and Belize did, after cursed visits by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Recent weeks

In response to Wessex’s visit, Philip Murphy, author of The Empire’s New Clothes: The Myth of the Commonwealth, said: This could now be the pattern of royal visits to the region and I hope they will be Peter out; 2022 seems to be an important year.

On Wednesday, Edward and Sophie met with a group of protesters before a trip to a cocoa garden in St. Lucia, where people held banners reading “Return with revenge” and “Queen sorry” while playing drums and chanting mantras. A while ago, Earl Black joked with a street sweeper standing in front of a small crowd of black people and pretending to move the broom, saying, “I hope you’ll fix this place.” This comment has been criticized as another “tone-deaf” gaff.

[From The Independent]

CB and others have asked if the Royals have always been so bad at traveling, or if the world has changed. I think it’s both – the Royals have always been awesome on the go and there’s always negligence and racist comments and bad images, but before the proliferation of social media, Gaffs didn’t become an international story for the most part. The Gaffs were regarded as spicy anecdotes for royal biographies rather than “another example of royal colonial oppression”. Now, do I believe that this kind of royal-tour is over? I don’t know if Charles is going to Canada in a few weeks and I think the Jubilee Tour will be over. But members of the royal family are itching to move around during the epidemic. They actually want to go on tour and make asses out of themselves, they are desperate to see! Which makes it even more fun.

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