Bad character Young influencers are getting free plastic surgery in return

There is a terrible rise of young influentials who adopt less cosmetic methods in exchange for publicity. And the results do not support the change of co-adolescents or younger only in their teens and early 20s. Once they get a taste of the cheap method, the influencers can’t stop, giving birth to a new form of body dysmorphia brought on by availability. And the root of this sad trend is the transfer of cash to an industry that is already out of control. NBC News has its depth and a part of it is here.

From Botox to breast implants, medical providers have turned to social media for a new kind of personalized advertising that comes directly from the influencers. And in the growing industry of cosmetic providers, there are very few or no rules for advertising body changes, which opens the door for teens to offer free, unlimited cosmetic procedures.

NBC News spoke to 12 social media personalities with less than 100,000 followers and more than 10 million followers who described in detail how they feel pressured to look perfect in real life and online. This led them to get cosmetic procedures from young manufacturers in their teens and early 20’s, ranging from lip filler injections to plastic surgery – many of which they received at discounted rates. Many have regretted some of their approach. Six of them described the feeling of being addicted to body changes.

“If you have an iPhone, it affects you,” said Sebastian Bellis, a tickling star with 12.8 million followers. She said she received her first cosmetic procedure, lip filler injection, at the age of 18.

“I made my lips, not because I was insecure, but because I was offered free lip service,” he said. “Who’s not going to say free lips?”

[From NBC News via Yahoo!]

I must say no to free lips – and I have thin lips. The only thing I ever wanted to change was my nose, but I didn’t know I would do it if offered. Would I have accepted all this nonsense at the age of 18? Yes, hell. Because at a certain age, a person likes to change something because * they * have never been happy about it. But the message that these young people need to hear is this Someone else They are not happy with their features so they are being given whatever method they * need *. The people quoted in the article admit that they like attention, which is evident from their huge following. And to accomplish this task they are given it. Sebastian Bailes, quoted above, has seen it “Like and View and Share” That’s because if you go up with each approach and just keep getting more work. At one point, he said he had about 20 syringes in his mouth every time he went to the doctor.

But there are age restrictions, so how is it happening? Only board-certified plastic surgeons are reviewed, but Med Spa does not, and they do most of the work.

According to 2020 data collected from a pool of American Society of Plastic Surgeons board-certified surgeons, people aged 20 to 29 receive 3 percent of the total filler procedure and only 1 percent of the total Botox procedure. According to the same data, adolescents make even lower percentages.

But that’s not responsible for data-driven spaghetti, an industry worth 8 4.8 billion in 2021, which is loosely regulated. Spaghetti has become a popular destination for common methods such as Botox and fillers.

I appreciate the few people quoted in the article who have come clean. But almost everyone involved is doing great CYA. TikTok says they will not blame because they do not allow unethical sponsored advertising. So influencers “scream” and tag businesses instead. This is a simple solution that everyone knows. Influential people say they will not blame because they have made it very clear that they are doing these things only for themselves and will not impose them on anyone else. They are influential only because what they post affects their followers, they know. The following board businesses do not try to excuse themselves while the board certified businesses say they advise their patients before completing the procedures. I didn’t buy it. At age 36, I was “counseled” out of a procedure. If they honestly think that the patient should not do it, then these numbers will not be among these young people. This is all scary. I need to re-examine all my kids’ social media to see who they are looking at.

This influencer quoted in the article is 19 years old:

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