Benzino’s daughter smiled at Koi Lere’s low record sales; Police arrested him

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Pictures may be deleted

Instagram, Braselton PD

Benzino won the worst father award at the hip-hop award, laughing at his daughter Coi LeRay’s low record sales.

According to Rhymes with snitchRapper Koi Lere’s father, Raymond “Benzino” Scott, founder of Source Magazine, was upset after threatening his daughter and her mother because the 23-year-old said Breakfast Club That her father later broke up Source The magazine went out of business.

Benzino, 56, laughs at the sale of Coi’s record for his debut album Trendsetter.

Pictures may be deleted

In addition to being a terrible father, Benzino has anger management problems that have recently sent him to jail.

Police body camera footage shows the reality TV star was arrested on February 3, 2022, for punching a newcomer to a truck in Althia Hart.

Police in Braselton, Georgia have arrested Benzino for chasing his ex-girlfriend and mother of the baby, Althia, who told officers he punched her in a new men’s truck.

Pictures may be deleted

Braselton PD

A man identified by police as Reginald Quinton told police he had known Althia for several days. He said he had never seen Benzino before. He added: “I don’t play like that after Benjino damaged his property.”

The truck suffered visible damage, prompting police to arrest Benzino, who was agitated, sweaty and unruly after his arrest.

Watch the video below.

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