Bikini photo of Jodi Sweeten from Full House: Moments from her swim suit

Fuller House alum Jodi Sweetin A successful actress and a certified drug and alcohol counselor. Although she has experienced many ups and downs throughout her acting life, Jody did the job while still in school and is now an educated and supportive lawyer. As she prioritizes her role as mother of two, the former Netflix star often shares moments with her daughters online, including some adorable beach moments. And sometimes, Jodi is not afraid to share some beautiful bikini photos with fans!

“Some days, we just have to sit in the sun and be reminded of who we are as we go through this time.” The whole house The cast member captioned a swimsuit selfie in July 2020. “Rest, recharge, don’t lose yourself and remember what you stand for.”

She even quotes co-star Amy Schumer in her caption: “‘I am a woman with thoughts and questions and [s—t] To say. I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I am strong. You don’t decide my story – I do. ‘ amyschumer. “

In her Instagram photo, Jodi wore a black plunging V-neck one-piece bathing suit and striped straw sun hat and sunglasses.

While he occasionally shares pictures of himself online, the former child star talks about how he managed anxiety and eating habits during the height of the 2020 Kovid-19 epidemic.

“It’s definitely funny, because I posted all these pictures after losing all that weight through stress – and ‘Oh you look great!’ – And yes, it didn’t come in a super healthy way, but I’m not a stress eater; I’m a stress star, “Jody said in a January 2021 podcast interview.” Alec Mappa: Hot Mess with Matthew Dempsey Psychotherapist. “

“So, when anxiety or stress is going on or disorder or whatever, I completely lose my appetite, and I am out of touch with what my own body needs because I am in this state of extreme anxiety and caution,” explains the Los Angeles Native Podcast. Has done.

Jody revealed that she planned to lose weight before the epidemic. However, he did not anticipate the struggle due to the surrounding pressure.

“I wanted to lose weight somehow, but when the epidemic started, it was not a concern at all,” he added. “But it suddenly became the focus. It just so happened that I was losing weight, I was like ‘Oh my gosh’ and I realized how much my mind was really focused on food and this and that. “

Briefly its quiet journey, season 22 touching time Dancing with the Stars The contestant realized that she needed to review how her past had affected her nutritional habits.

“So, it was a thing and I really had to look at it, and it made me go back and see it at different times in my life and realize that I [had] The food problem, “Jodi concludes.” I’ve always said, ‘No, food is never my thing,’ but I realized that this is a little bit of a break-in fight for food control, and stress control. “

Nevertheless, the unSweetined: A memoir The author meets a nutritionist at the time. Now, she is a powerful example to her daughters Joey and Beatrix and always shows her gratitude for her children.

“Yesterday was the 14th birthday of my first born baby !!! I can’t believe it,” Jodi captioned an Instagram photo with her two children in April 2022. “They say, ‘The days are long, but the years are short.’ Raising kids … man, it hit me hard yesterday. It’s almost high school time for her. This is the new adventure, Zo. I’m always here for you, and you make me proud to be your mom !!

Scroll through the gallery to see Jodie’s most adorable swimsuit moments!

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