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Bank created! 90 day engagement Star Bilal Hajij She made her debut in season 9 of the hit TLC reality TV series, where she will record 90 days before her marriage to her long-distance love, Probably. But Bilal hid his wealth from his fiance and even tested her to find out if she was a gold digger who was with him for his money. Keep scrolling below to learn more about Bilal’s job, how he makes his money and his total value.

Bilal is 42 years old and hails from Kansas City, Missouri. He described himself as “hood boozy”, which he described as “high maintenance” and “a little out of the ordinary”.

“I admire the beautiful things – the beautiful suits, the watches I like. However, at the end of the day, I didn’t grow up in the suburbs, I grew up in the hood. So it really makes me who I am,” Explained in his confession. 90 day engagement.

He added, “Being detail-oriented has definitely helped me achieve my goals. Where I am now in life, I am very grateful because from where so many inner city kids are coming, especially black kids, some of us can’t make it. I am very lucky to have achieved the American dream. “

Bilal works as both a real estate investor and a real estate agent. In fact, the average salary of a real estate agent in Missouri is $ 103,971. For a real estate investor, the average salary in Missouri is 9 109,756, according to Jeep Recruiter. Although his exact net worth is unknown, Bilal’s two works probably contributed to a healthy net worth.

Bilal explains that he was born and raised in the Muslim religion, which is similar to Shaida. He met the 37-year-old yoga instructor from Trinidad and Tobago via social media, and they spent seven days together in private, waiting to tie the knot. But cultural differences can cause conflicts between couples, especially over money, as Bilal explained that he must expect Shaida to sign a prenup to protect her property and her children – since he shared a 16-year-old daughter and a daughter. . 13-year-old boy with his ex-wife, Shahida.

Another problem with their relationship is that Bilal was not close to her financially and her life. He told Shahida that he did not “intentionally” disclose his money, material possessions or assets to Shaida. “Even when we video chat, you’re looking at a wall,” Bilal admits.

As a way to test Shaida, Bilal arranges a prank game with her. Instead of picking him up from the airport in his Mercedes and taking him straight to his beautiful home, he would pick him up in a work van and take him to his childhood home, which seemed to be in bad shape, to see if he would. Whatever the conditions, he will be happy with his new accommodation.

In the preview of next week’s episode, it looks like Bilal has had a prank backfire. “A lot needs to be fixed,” Shaida told Bilal. He countered, “You need to fix a lot with your attitude.”

It looks like the fans have to wait and see how it goes!

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