Bitch | Britney Spears: ‘I have a baby … I obviously won’t go out

One of the saddest parts of Britney Spears’ journey to independence last year was her statement in open court, in which she told heartbreaking details about her desire to have another child, but her father would not allow her to remove her IUD. Well, in the fall of 2021, Brittany was released and she quickly got engaged to Sam Asgary. Britney and Sam have been dating for several years now and Sam was a big part of Britney’s independence journey. It was widely speculated that Brittany had finally removed her IUD. And now it looks like she’s pregnant. He posted it on his Instagram (I’m concentrating on it):

I lost so much weight for my Maui trip just to get it back … I thought “Giz … what happened to my stomach ???” My husband said, “No, you pregnant food fool !!!” So I did a pregnancy test… and uhhhh well… I have a baby… 4 days after I got pregnant I got a little more food… it’s growing !!! If 2 people were there… I could lose it… I obviously wouldn’t go out as much as Papara got their money shot from me as unfortunately they already got it… It’s hard because I had perinatal depression when I was pregnant… I have to say it’s absolutely Horrible… the women didn’t talk about it then… some people think it’s dangerous if a woman complains about having a baby inside her… but now women talk about it every day ধ thank Jesus we don’t do that to keep the pain a secret Will… This time I will do yoga every day !!! Spread a lot of joy and love

[From Britney’s Instagram]

In recent months, Brittany has been enjoying her newly acquired freedom in a million different ways, including deleting and restoring her IG multiple times, going on multiple vacations and talking directly to fans. It is understandable to me that she probably removed her IUD last year and she probably let the chips fall wherever she could, in the hope that she would get pregnant naturally. And he did. I hope she has a very healthy pregnancy and she takes care of her mind and body. I hope Sam is a huge support for her and I hope there are other people around her who can be trusted. God bless.

Photos courtesy of Brittany’s Instagram.

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