Bitch | Brown: The Duchess, like Kate Meghan, was ‘tormented by class’

As we have seen, Tina Brown’s Palace papers Revealed that he lost greatly in the plot. None of his arguments, his royal “worldview,” make much sense. One thing is for sure, Brown is very, very pro-Cambridge. To him, Prince William was a sacred terror, but now he is the most elegant statesman, the only hope of the monarchy. To her, Duchess Kate was perfect and always was. In the latest quote, Brown talks about the British media’s attitude towards Kate versus their attitude towards Meghan. As Meghan said in the Oprah interview, saying “Waitie Katie” is not the same as being racially abused year after year. “Rude and racist is not one thing.” But listening to Tina’s version of events, rude and racist are the same. Or racism is like racism. Not this.

According to Tina Brown, Kate Middleton was ridiculed by the same UK press as a social mountaineer who “bowed down to Meghan Merkel and the nation”. A new biography of the former magazine editor, The Palace Papers, was published on April 26, charting how each high-profile royal wife in modern times has faced the wrath of the media. In March 2021, Meghan admitted in her Oprah Winfrey interview how other royal ladies had experienced indecency, but suggested that her own treatment was different because it was racist.

However, Brown highlighted how some unfavorable coverage of the Kate and Middleton family spoke to their social backgrounds and class. He wrote: “No one knew better than Harry what the British press was capable of. He saw everything – from the primitive blow of his mother’s last hour to the brutal invasion of his former girlfriend’s privacy and the monster of every woman in the royal family except the queen. Kate class and social climbing Troubled by her mother’s party piece business – ‘Mail Order Bride’, a columnist scoffed. The quarrel didn’t end after the marriage.

“It was probably inevitable that the same brutal writers who piled up contempt for the class and in the face of other royal ladies would run after Megan, virtually threw their backs when they landed on the new lows.”

The book quotes Hillary Mantel, author of Wolf Hall for the London Review of Books, as saying that Kate “can be as painfully slim as anyone can wish, without weirdness, without weirdness, without the risk of character emergence.”

[From Newsweek]

Yes… it’s not one. Megan’s media treatment was racist, nasty and full of lies. What bothered the Middletons was that many “classist” criticisms were based on truth. Middleton is a social mountaineer. Kate has been waiting for almost a decade, doing absolutely everything Kate is not “recognized” in many elite circles. Carol ISK is seen as gauche and glamorous. Even in the midst of all this, as Megan approached, the British media launched the F-King Dime. Suddenly the button-covered, glamorous, calm Kate was the perfect future queen who never made a mistake. Instead of supporting her brother-in-law, Kate Megan uses the media’s racist behavior to assimilate herself. Of course, Kate had to show that even though those Aristotle circles hated Meghan, they didn’t accept Kate. Tatler Mess proved that.

(Also, as the years go by, Hillary Mantel’s comments about Kate are absolutely dead-on, even more so now than they were then.)

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