Bitch | David Mammet: Men are hunters, teachers are ‘prone’ to pedophilia

Have you ever seen Milk? Controversial opinion, but Shawn Penn actually Did She deserves the Oscar she won for that role. He played Harvey Milk, a gay-rights icon who became the first publicly gay man to win a public office in America. Milk has fought for religious rights for years, campaigning for a ban on gay teachers in public schools in the late ’70s and early’ 80s. I came up with this because with the resurgence of open homosexuality what is happening now has been done before. This particular culture war is more than 40 years old. LGBTQ people have the right to exist, to survive, to prosper, to love and to work in any field. It’s annoying to me that the Fox News crowd and the entire Republican Party are trying to get this show back.

However, Fox News is absolutely leaning “Prohibit homosexuals from everything” Our Lord Elton John in the year 2022. They especially want to ban LGBTQ people from teaching, for all the stupid homophobic reasons. Enter David Mammet, a renowned playwright, screenwriter and director. Mamet went to Fox News and said … are all men hunters? And pedophiles? Jesus h.

Full quote:

“We have to regain control. If schools have no community control, then what we have is not just educating children, but literally being made up of people who – whether they know it or not – are sexual predators. Are they physically abusing children? No, I don’t think so, but they are abusing them emotionally and using sex to do it. It has always been a problem in education, teachers are leaning, especially men because men are predators, towards pedophilia. And that’s why there was a strict community sternness about it, thank God. And it starts to break down when schools say, ‘You know what? We need to teach our kids about sex. Why? Because what if they don’t go home? ‘

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I didn’t really know that David Mammet was like that. I mean, I never think of him outside of the “wow, overrated” occasional thought but he’s apparently a complete tilting bonker. He is giving interviews because he is promoting the name of his new book Depression: The death of free speech and the cost of a free lunch. Oh, so he’s one of those old whites who complains about culture cancellation and “freedom of speech”. When he was on Real time with Bill MaherMaher asked him how the mammoth had claimed, in this dumbf – k book, that “The Left tried to stage a coup during the last presidential election.” Mammet claims he made a mistake. He then went straight to Fox News saying that every man is a hunter and every teacher is a pedophile. Oh, and David Mammet’s parents both worked as teachers. Shh

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