Bitch | Duchess Kate wore repetitive Emilia Weeksted for Easter Sunday church

Back in Isla de Saltaine, I’m sure there was a lot of exciting anger, but an attempt was made to show how angry a certain person is. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have finally returned to the UK after a long ski vacation in France. William and Kate were “headliners” at the Easter Sunday Church service at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. They were joined by their two eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. I think Prince Louis is too little for the church? Hmmm. They were joined by the Wessex family (Sophie, Edward, Lady Lewis and James, Viscount Severon), Princess Eugenie, Mike Tyndale and others. Queen Elizabeth avoided the service and the palace claimed she would observe the holiday in person or something else. Charles and Camilla also avoided.

I actually thought Kate’s favorite Emilia Weeksted coddress was a new piece because I had no memory of it. It’s true that she wore a million different versions of it, but I didn’t think Kate’s style of dress was pale blue. But it’s a repeat – he wore it in Luxembourg in 2017. Is it beautiful? I don’t like the Jane Taylor hat, it makes her look like a retro stewardess, but again, I like the coatdress. You all know she had to repeat for Easter because she didn’t have time to make a copy of Meghan’s Invictus looks. Give her a week to add to her look book, order some basic pieces and deliver them!

Anyway, the kids are cute. Kate reunited with her kids. I have no idea what Sophie is wearing but it’s disgusting.

Photo courtesy of Avalon Red.

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