Bitch | Duchess Meghan is reportedly set to join the Netherlands for Harry

It has been widely speculated for weeks that the Duchess of Sussex will attend the Invictus Games in the Netherlands, starting this coming weekend. Meghan was a huge supporter of her husband’s signature event and Archie and Lily are old enough to travel with their parents without too much drama. So, of course we assumed that Meghan and the kids would be there. Now the Daily Mirror source says that yes, Meghan will be there. And so will Netflix’s camera.

Meghan Merkel will travel with Prince Harry to the Invictus Games in Holland next week, the couple’s first trip outside the United States since leaving the royal family. The Mirror may reveal that Harry and Meghan will be followed by the Netflix documentary crew throughout the games starting next Saturday.

The couple’s decision to attend The Hague’s event was slammed by palace insiders when Harry claimed it was “too dangerous” to travel to the UK. He is embroiled in a legal battle with the UK government over his decision to downgrade his security and did not attend a memorial service for his grandfather Prince Philip last week.

Since leaving their royal role in pursuit of “financial freedom”, Megan, 40, and Harry, have signed deals with Netflix and Spotify worth more than, 37,100 million.

The couple, who now live in California with child Archie, two and 10-month-old Lilibet, are expected to arrive in Holland on Friday. Harry’s father, Prince Charles, is thought to have proposed an olive branch to smooth the relationship, giving the Duke of Sussex and his family the opportunity to stay with him and his wife, Camilla, in the hygrove.

[From The Daily Mirror]

Furious at Salt Island. How dare Harry and Meghan go to Holland where there will be security based on their level of threat, vs. traveling to a British clown show where – it is clear – they will be put in extreme danger? Anyway, I’ve been saying for a while now, I really hope we get to see Meghan and the kids at the Invictus event. Those photos will break the internet and it will be absolutely amazing. And I hope Netflix will record it all!

Image courtesy of WENN, Backgrid and Avalon Red.

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