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The book 50 sections in gray Celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2022, it was published in the literary world in February 2012. Below they are celebrating with a release with a new cover. The book, which began as a Twilight fan fiction, became a meteor in a matter of months and was number one for 20 weeks. Everyone who reads it has an opinion, usually they like it or hate it. Many people felt the two lead, Ana and the Christian relationship was abusive. EL claimed it was Assumed To demonstrate a healthy exploration of BDSM. The writing was criticized, the letters were removed, the EL was dragged through the mud – and yet, the book continued to sell. And then a movie deal is sold. Now, looking back 10 years, EL was asked if he expected a response and he said yes.

Has he ever met Stephanie Meyer ?: No, I didn’t. I want a great deal. He just flipped the switch and he (inspired) met a lot of people and a lot of my writer friends through the “Twilight” fan fiction world… I’m a Twihard and through it.

If the response surprised James, especially during a Twitter Q&A in 2015: No, I am a successful woman. A successful, middle-aged, overweight woman.

In anticipation of haters ?: I did. Oh my God, yes… I spent half an hour before I said, “Friends, you have to get on top of this trolling,” and then it happened, and I didn’t really see any of it. It was fun. And it’s one of those things where you think, “I’m not sure if this is a good idea” and it always makes you think of believing in your gut … if you put yourself out there and you are incredibly successful, people will love you. Will be absolutely and completely (analyst)… I’m quite satisfied with it. I try to avoid it. I don’t want to bother people. I wasn’t set out to upset people.

Whether Anna and Christian’s relationship is toxic: It’s their relationship. It’s not called “Fifty Shades of Black and White”. It’s called “Fifty Shades of Gray.” So we go there. It’s their relationship. These people project what they think people should do. People are random. People are weird. I mean, Christian is probably one of the most vulnerable people I’ve come in contact with, so it’s up to you what you think about it.

We’re done with Grace: I think by writing “Fred”, which is from a Christian point of view, I’ve filled in some gaps and we’ve learned more about him and you know why he’s like that … I think we’re leaving them in a better place.

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I only read one of the EL Gray I don’t care about the book and any part of it so I don’t read it anymore. I had no problem with their success because obviously there was a desire for this kind of thing. My only objection is that BDSM is not my kink and it seems that every sensual best seller for the next five years centered on BDSM. I can’t directly dismiss EL’s comments, but I know of other romance / erotic writers who match his description who didn’t get the same push. If I had to focus on one thing, I think his huge success probably got a lot of people. Tall Poppy Syndrome or something else.

My acquaintances have also written basic stories. Formulaic, but not riding the cottel of a major franchise that has already proven itself. I appreciate the credit that EL has given to Stephanie Meyer here, but I have to assume that there is a reason why Stephanie never looked for her. Again, I have nothing against EL I don’t need to read his books and I haven’t seen the movie. I know that my success has nothing to do with EL’s success, so if he lives a good life because he has a best-selling idea, good for him. Even the hate-filled line in his pocket – I’m sure he doesn’t care.

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