Bitch | Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase is probably due to Tesla

Elon Musk will buy Twitter for। 44 billion, as we learned on Monday. It sucks, and I’m not going to pretend otherwise. The two general theories seem to revolve simultaneously. One, when changing Twitter significantly, there will be no tendency or power to mask so that people are scared without thinking. Two, Twitter is about to become a hell of a reformatted Nazi, fascist, bot and Natzab. I’ve personally lost dozens of followers in recent days, and Twitter says they believe people are dropping and deleting their accounts. At the same time, right-wing personalities, fascists and Nazis have seen significant increases in their numbers. Because everyone knows what it means to buy musk, whatever it is, fascists are happy with it so it means it’s really bad. Speaking of something:

“I am against censorship which goes beyond the law.” Again, for idiots like Elon Musk, censorship is a public company that is deflatting the Nazis. Donald Trump was not censored, he was platformed to incite a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol.

However, while fascist Dutchbags are happy with Elon Musk’s purchase, it appears that investors are not happy with Musk’s move:

Investors have removed $ 126bn (£ 100bn) from Tesla’s value amid concerns that Elon Musk may have to sell shares of the electric car maker to fund his personal contribution to its $ 44bn Twitter acquisition. Tesla stock has been targeted although the company was not involved in the bid, but Musk, its chief executive and largest shareholder, is partially financing the Twitter deal with নিজের 21 billion in its own equity and another $ 12.5 billion in debt against its Tesla partnership.

A 12.2% drop in Tesla shares on Tuesday amounted to a $ 21 billion drop in the value of his Tesla shares, equivalent to the amount of cash he pledged in the Twitter deal.

Dan Ives, an analyst at financial institution Wadebush Securities, said concerns about Musk’s upcoming stock sales and the possibility of his being distracted by the Twitter initiative weighed heavily on electric car maker shares. “Hey [is] Creating a bear festival on the name, ”he said.

Ed Moya, an analyst at online trading platform Onda, said: “If Tesla’s share price continues to move freely, it will threaten its financing.”

Shares also fell against the backdrop of tough trading for tech stocks. The Nasdaq has closed at its lowest level since Tuesday, December 2020, as investors worry about a slowdown in global growth and a more aggressive rate hike from the US Federal Reserve.

[From The Guardian]

It would be surprising if Elon’s various registry schemes crashed on him because he wanted people on Twitter to think he was cool.

Photo courtesy of Instar, WENN, Avalon Red.

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