Bitch | Gossip with Selibichi Podcast # 121: Beatrice and Eugene Learn

Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:00
We have changed our plans and will start the journey for Easter next week. Our next episode will be published on April 23rd. I am learning to play pickball but confused with scoring. Chandra mentioned the Fast Four rules of tennis. Serena Williams tennis coach Patrick Muratoglu has announced that he will be training Simona Halep. You can hear it below!

Royals: 6:00 to 17:30
Princess Beatrice and Eugenie were part of a fraud case involving their mother and father. Eugenie defended her 25,000 payment, saying she thought it was for her mother’s birthday party. Beatrice received £ 750,000 for her marriage, which was ল during the lockdown in July 2020 He did not issue a statement similar to Eugene’s, but a source told DM that “he knew nothing about this, bad thing.” We think this news has Charles’ fingerprints.

There are still stories about Cambridge moving to Windsor and looking for an estate there. Chandra thinks they will keep Kensington Palace Apartments One and Unmar Hall. We still don’t know where they’re going, but Charles and the Queen are probably expressing their feelings about what property they’ll give them.

In the meantime we are still getting analysis of the ridiculous Caribbean tour of Cambridge and the bringing of The Queen Andrew to Philip’s Memorial. The Queen and Prince Andrew think that Andrew can make a comeback and they are clearly focused on that. Andrew will be out of sight as soon as the Queen dies.

The Duchess has posted a sweet letter to the Meghan Animal Rescue Agency, Meheu, for which she has been a patron for three years. Meheu announced that Meghan would no longer be a sponsor from January. Meghan’s letter mentions her dog Guy’s “weak accident.” Guy broke both legs in a mysterious incident in 2017 after Megan moved to the UK. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about royalty. Chandra thinks Meghan had an idea to move away from Meheu.

Ghost: 17:30 to 25:30 minutes
We shared some horrible ghost stories in episodes 16, 34 and 71. Vanessa Hudgens was just on the Kelly Clarkson show. He said that he had been able to communicate with the soul since he was young and that he had learned to accept and tune into it. I mentioned the Surviving Death Show which had stories of ghosts and reincarnations. Chandra mentions an unsolved mystery episode about the 2011 tsunami in Japan. Chandra has run with more soul than me. Her stories are in episodes 16 and 34!

Here is a link Twitter thread We mentioned and here is the link Separate Tweet I read. Chandra is a Hindu and a believer in reincarnation. She wonders if her father will return. Here’s one Tweet link Chandra mentions the little girl who said she was the grandmother of South America.

Comment of the week: 25:30 minutes to the end
Moon of the Week comments from Kalna in a post about Prince William’s mood. My comment of the week came from the shadow outside the post where Paula Patton responded to the controversy over her poorly fried chicken recipe.

Thanks for listening bitches!

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