Bitch | Jennifer Garner ‘knows that Jay Lo has had a positive effect

Remember when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were on and off again, post nanny scandal? It really wasn’t that long ago. We find stories in almost every outlet about how they are doing. Some seem to have come from Garner’s camp, some from Affleck. I bring this up because we are getting compelling reports about how Garner feels about his former engagement to J.Lo. I don’t think he cares much about being sympathetic to Affleck. Like Affleck, he cares about what people think of him. So this story is about how she feels about the engagement. E! There are those exclusive quotes and a few more details, and the United States has confirmed that Affleck has given Garner and his kids a head up that he is going to propose to Lopez. It’s good that he did that. You would think he would have planned to propose when he was out of the bathtub, but maybe he was overwhelmed at the moment.

“Ben told Jane and the kids, so they knew about it,” the insider shared. How does he feel about the “I’m real” singer? “Happy for Jane Ben,” the source continued. “And know that J. Lo has made a positive impact in certain ways.”

And although Ben and J. Lowe is excited for their next chapter, as they share the source of their engagement: “They hoped to keep it a little more secret.” – From e! Online

[Affleck] Garner, both 49, and their three children told of his proposal “ahead of time”, a source told our weekly exclusively. The former couple made their final decision to divorce in 2018 and shared daughter Violet, 16, and Serafina, 13, and son Samuel, 10.

“His whole family knew in advance [the announcement]”Internal note, adding that the newlyweds waited a few days before sharing the news in public. They are both happier than before.” – From US Magazine

[From E! Online and US Magazine]

In that statement, the qualifiers, Sure Way, just a little shady to me! It’s not bad at all, I’m just saying. Just say your ex’s new fianc has a positive effect on her period. I think I know why there are “specific”. Garner is a low-key baking mother type from West Virginia. She’s sweet, she’s silly and she goes out without wet hair, makeup and orthopedic shoes. Lopez all glam, mink lashes and elaborately designed clothing and accessories. Garner probably hoped that Ben would calm down his luxurious Vegas gambling life, and he probably made a good impression on her when he was with her. Lopez is helping Ben to lean towards extravagance, yachts, jewelry and clothing. He loves that life and he loves to live big. Garner’s crazy rich and famous can’t make a relationship.

Also, do you think Garner will be engaged soon? We heard it could be, but I don’t see it happening. I want to be wrong.

I’m not picking this picture being shady. These are Garner’s latest candidates, from 3-22. He has also been nominated for an Oscar. Credits: Backgrid and

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