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Spoiler for Bridgeton.

After watching Bridgeton Season 2, and reflecting on that mess, I honestly believe that the producers and screenwriters felt they were still in “world-building” mode and had a lot to do to build other Bridgeton siblings before “their” season. While really, the original love story needed more attention and more drama – Viscount Bridgeton and Kate Sharma had a lot of chemistry, but the way their story unfolded seemed quite vague and uneven. There were many (annoying ass) subplots. Personally, I could have done with Eloise Bridgeton writing off the show. What a snide little hole he is.

However, if the show runs in the same order as the book (I think it does), the third season will focus more on Benedict Bridgeton’s love story from the book. An offer from a gentleman. It sounds like a Cinderella story, with Benedict playing the role of a prince. I’m fine with Benedict, he’s OK and I hope they will fix his character. But Jonathan Bailey (Viscount Anthony Bridgarton) can’t wait for the Eloise season. And I can’t.

Jonathan Bailey prepares popcorn and soda in anticipation of a season full of Bridgarton’s Eloise plays. As the actor behind Anthony Bridgarton, Jonathan realizes that a cold outsider often hides an internal struggle, which makes Claudia Jesse’s character, Alois an attractive one to unpack. “I can’t wait for Eloise to walk down the aisle for so many reasons,” he told Eke exclusively! News. “Partly because, in order to overcome the emotional battle, there’s going to be another character with a big arc like Anthony, it’s going to be Eloise.”

Like Anthony, Jonathan thinks Eloise will have to “overcome” her inherent fears if she wants to get married – the key word is “want”.

Bridgeton viewers know that Eloise is strongly opposed to marriage or any traditional relationship because she is a staunch feminist. But the series is about the Bridgeton siblings’ love affair, so Jonathan is already hoping to change his on-screen sister’s mind: “I can’t wait – as a fan – to see that evolution.”

New Shorer Jess Brownell, who set foot for Chris Van Dussen after the first and second seasons, follows the path set by Julia Quinn in her novel, but Alois will somehow end up with Philip Crane, who is married to Penelope Federington’s cousin, Marina. Display. But as Jonathan put it, “we have to wait and see.”

Jonathan is equally excited to see the love stories of Hyacinth and Gregory, especially since they may be the end of the show. “Florence [Hunt]And Will Tilston, I think they’re totally stunning, intelligent, bright young men, “he said of his co-stars.” It would be thrilling because they were so talented. “

[From E! News]

No. No, no, I’m not looking forward to the Eloise season. This will be the fifth season and I don’t think a lot of people will get out of there seeing how annoying Alois is. And, I mean, the actress is fine. Claudia plays Jesse Eloise and Jesse chews the scene appropriately. The author describes Eloise as a jumper, snide, rude, nervous and wasteful. Her season is going to be terrible. I really wonder what the writers are going to do to somehow rehabilitate Eloise in the next two seasons?

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