Bitch | Levin: Windsorce is ‘deeply hurt’ that Sussex is going

I have believed for some time now that the Duchess of Sussex looked so cold at the 2020 Commonwealth Day service because she knew this would be the last time she would be contacted, as she recently said, “My husband’s family.” This is the last time he saw many of them in person. He waved his green cape, listened to some songs, said a prayer and then he left. She was free. He was alive. He didn’t even bring Archie to the UK for that weekend trip. They never got their hands on her kids. I often think of this, especially when confused royal journalists accuse Meghan of disrespecting the queen or “refusing” to return to that toxic environment. We are now in another round of it that Meghan has confirmed that she will fly to the Netherlands to support her husband at the Invictus Games.

The Queen is reported to have been “deeply hurt” after the “publicity-hungry” Megan and Harry decided to move to Holland in memory of Prince Philip. Megan, 40, will join Harry at her Invictus Games in Holland on her first trip out of the U.S. since Megoxit – and the pair will be followed by a Netflix camera. Both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be in The Hague for the opening ceremony of the Harry Games for wounded soldiers on Saturday. The couple will be living together in Europe for the first time since Megoxit two years ago.

But royal experts claim it’s a “snub” for the queen – as they recently refused to attend Prince Philip’s memorial. And despite Meghan’s “unnecessary” presence at the Invictus Games, she “doesn’t want to miss the promotion,” it has been claimed.

Angela Levine, a royal expert, told The Sun Online: “I think it’s really tragic. I think the royal family is deeply hurt, but that’s what they want. But sorry for her desperation, she would love to have Harry there for the day. I just think it’s incredible. Meghan is leaving because they’re doing the next Netflix documentary. Can’t believe that Harry is the same person who met me in 2018. He seems to have been brainwashed a bit to hate his family. “

[From The Sun]

Angela Levine depressed. There’s something wrong with that, I’m sure. Some screws are loose or something bad. Levine’s claim is rich enough that Meghan is “looking for publicity” while Meghan has spent most of the last two years keeping her business in mind and not in the limelight. Think about how easy it would be to give Meghan a weekly interview, or appear on the cover of Vanity Fair, or write a book. For the royal family to be “deeply wounded” – let’s be real. No one was injured. William is going to be furious when he gets positive coverage from wall to wall in Megan and Harry games. Kate will look at Meghan’s styling so that Kate can copy every look. Charles is too busy to take care of Cambridge. And the queen? Okay, I doubt he cares, honestly.

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