Bitch | Mads Mickelsen: Harrison Ford is a human monster, very handsome

Mads Mickelsen took a nice interview with The Hollywood Reporter to promote the recent Fantastic Beasts movie, where she played Johnny Depp. Since I don’t know anything about this series Any In the JK Rowling series, I would say nothing significant except appreciating the fact that they did not style Mads to look like Depp in a way, shape or form. Mads is very good at promoting this kind of complex project, he manages to show respect to Depp as an actor while he is unfaithful about why Depp was fired from the franchise. Mads puts it nicely when it comes to Rowling. Some highlights:

She was a gymnast and ballet dancer for several years before becoming an actor: “Dancing has helped when it comes to my consciousness in a room – how heavy or light a character is, slow or fast – but I rarely think about it. Gymnastics, on the other hand, is very useful for stunts. “

The film never talks about changing actors: “It simply came to our notice then. Everyone knows why [the actors changed]. The whole world knows why. It would actually be like an Easter egg to point out that we have swapped actors. Hopefully we’ll pull them into the first scene and from there they’ll take over the world. “

He was not desperate to talk to Depp: “I wasn’t like, ‘Oh, please let me talk to her.’ Touching the base, in a sense, ‘cleaning the room’ would be great. Maybe in the future I’ll see him. “

He did not speak to JK Rowling: Mickelson says he wanted to ask Rowling why the fascist Grindelwald hated non-magicians so much that he wanted to subdue all the “Muggles.” “I don’t want him to be immediately hostile,” he said. The actor instead invented his own backstory for the character. “My reason is that something happened to her whole family when she was a child that explains the hatred that surrounds her. It’s a fantastic, detailed, complex universe. [Rowling’s] Made, and I want to hear his thoughts on it. I hope I do more than that [film]”

Social media: Although she has an official Twitter account and a strong online following, she doesn’t read much on social media. “It simply came to our notice then. You get into discussions where everything is black-and-white, nothing short, and even the smallest word can turn your world upside down. I’m staying away from it. “

He played the villain in the fifth Indiana Jones movie: “[Raiders of the Lost Ark] It was one of my favorite movies, and it sparked that golden age of the 1940s series – and it was the fifth film. They’re going back a lot in the first and second films and they’ve got that real feeling, real indie, some thick and epic. “

He was very impressed by Harrison Ford: “It’s the first time I’ve met him, and he’s a very strong man. Not just as an actor, but physically. I remember the first day we were shooting, it was a night shoot, then we stopped at 5 in the morning – and then he got on his mountain bike and rode 50 kilometers. [31 miles]. Harrison is a human monster, a very beautiful monster. “

He does not feel pressured: “If it’s stress, it’s a positive stress. If I don’t get some proposals from the states, there will be other kinds of pressure. “

His love for working in another Oscar-winning Danish film: “Because of the lockdown, it traveled a lot around the world, millions of people saw it. There are obviously some people who don’t know what I’ve done other than the franchise. They may see me the same way, but I don’t see it. And, fortunately, the directors don’t do that. “A remake is being made by Leonardo DiCaprio.” If an American version of another round forces more people to see the film than the original, I say, bring it. Leonardo is a great actor, so They have made a great start.

[From THR]

What I enjoy about Mads is that in her interviews it is very clear that she cares deeply about her films and the stories she tells, but she also has such maturity and vision in everything. He doesn’t scream, he doesn’t get obsessed, there’s no story of his “method” opposition (he’s not a method actor). She just enjoys her work, loves the work, then she goes home and makes her living. I love that he’s on Twitter but he’s like “Wow, those guys are crazy”. And I think he’s going to be perfect as an Indiana Jones villain. Come on, this is great casting.

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