Bitch | Prince Charles will take the Queen’s place in the church on Easter Sunday

Here are some pictures of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall at the Royal Mondi service in Windsor on Thursday. The Church of England retains much of the Catholic Church, and traditionally, Queen Elizabeth used to hold church or observance ceremonies for most of the high holy days of Easter. But this year, QEII doesn’t want to be photographed in a wheelchair, so he cancels the show and sends it to Charles. One would think that Charles would then be able to dedicate some of these appearances and events His Heir, but his heir is currently skiing in France on another luxury vacation.

However, this is Charles’ first time as a royal in the Royal Mondi service. He was able to hand over special coins to the seniors and he seems to have done a good job of it. Charles has such an enchanting ability that he really enjoys himself even when he is doing annoying things or communicating with people he doesn’t know, and the presence of this church was a good example of that. He was even adept at handing out small bags of coins to the elderly. Camilla looked like she was wearing a circus top but that’s another story. Memo to cam stylist: Never put her on a wide vertical stripe.

Meanwhile, Charles is going to do something else for the first time on Easter Sunday: he will be the most senior royal in the Easter church service. Queen Elizabeth is avoiding that too. I believe there will be a larger royal party outside the church on Easter Sunday and around, although we have not heard whether the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will return from their ski vacation.

PS… I wrote all this আগে before we heard about the UK tour of Sussex. Although royal commentators say that Harry and Meghan saw Charles during their lever in the UK, a Sussex spokesman only specifically mentioned the queen. I really think Queen sent Charles and Camilla to church so she could spend time alone with Harry and Meghan.

Photo courtesy of Instar.

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