Bitch | Prince Charles’s Canadian tour will involve the aborigines

It is still interesting to me to think of Prince Charles’s successful plan and how easily he got down on his knees in two problematic royal courts. First, he sent the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their Caribbean flop tour last month. I believe Charles didn’t even have to give William and Kate any specific instructions, he knew that if he left them on their own device, they would blow it up completely. He just raised a finger and he ruined their reputation and dropped several pegs on them. Later, he sent Earl and the Countess of Wessex on their Caribbean tour, knowing that they would meet with empowered Caribbean leaders, as well as the Caribbean population who were tired of the royal bullshit. Everything is going according to plan. And now it’s time for Charles and Camilla’s big jubilee tour in Canada. Statesman Chuck, coming through.

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall want to keep the aboriginal community at the center of their upcoming Canadian visit, as they insist on “listening” in the wake of the recent controversial royal visit. The Prince and Duchess are expected to acknowledge the treatment of Indigenous peoples in Canada’s residential schools during their three-day visit next month, with a desire to express “learning” from the communities.

Announcing the details of the visit, Yuvraj’s senior aides emphasized his long-standing relationship with the indigenous community and hoped the couple would “meet, listen and celebrate with Canadians from coast to coast”. Within hours of landing in the Commonwealth, the couple will take part in a “serious moment of reflection and prayer” in a garden dedicated to the school system’s aborigines, where thousands of children have been abused.

“Throughout the tour, their Royal Highness will take the opportunity to engage with the indigenous community,” said Chris Fitzgerald, Yuvraj’s deputy private secretary. “For more than five decades, His Royal Highness has been learning from indigenous peoples in Canada and around the world.

During the visit, which was at the invitation of the Canadian government, the Crown Prince and Duchess will welcome the country’s response to the refugees and meet with members of the Ukrainian community, Canada’s largest outside Europe.

The tour runs from May 17 to 19, traveling 2,000 miles from Newfoundland and Labrador to Ottawa and then the Northwest Territories.

[From The Telegraph]

You mean, like, three days? Most of these three days will be spent in the air traveling on sprints across Canada. I think it’s insulting that Chuck and Cam are going on such a short trip, but I also understand that Charles probably doesn’t want to leave the UK for too long. He has no idea what his dumb relatives will do in his absence. However, Charles’ assistants are making sure to do and say the right things before the tour I bet Charles and Camilla would not swan in new clothes or greet black people from behind the chainlink fence.

Photo courtesy of Instar, Avalon Red.

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