Bitch | Prince Harry got BetterUp to be the official mental coaching tool

More than a year ago, Prince Harry joined BetterUp as their Chief Impact Officer, provided ideas and guidance for the company, and significantly improved the profile of the life-training mental health-intensive company. Due in part to their newly raised profile, BetterUp’s valuation has skyrocketed throughout 2021 and they have expanded their business across North America and Europe. Now Harry Invictus has integrated Betterup with the game, as BetterUp Invictus has become the official mental fitness coaching tool. From BetterUp’s press release:

Today, BetterUpĀ®, the human transformation company and the inventor of virtual coaching, and the Invictus Games Foundation announced that they are forming a new partnership, making BetterUp the official mental fitness coaching tool for the Invictus Games Foundation. As part of this new partnership, BetterUp will offer 1: 1 coaching, live group programming, community support and personal assessments created and designed by PhD and behavioral scientists to support, encourage and guide members of the Invictus community around the world who suffer from life-changing injuries or illnesses. Done.

“At its heart, Invictus Games is about empowering every single person around the world. It’s a global demonstration of resilience, determination and community that we can all take inspiration from. I think of a better new partner for the Invictus Games Foundation than BetterUp The mind is like a muscle: it needs to be respected, trained, rehabilitated and trained. The men and women I’ve worked with have realized this, the Invictus community knows it and now the world is seeing it. I am honored to be here and look forward to expanding the support systems that service members and seniors rely on for significant accomplishments, “said Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, BetterUp’s Chief Influence Officer, and the founding sponsor of the Invictus Games Foundation.

The partnership will provide BetterUp access for the Foundation to help and encourage the recovery journey of injured, injured and sick seniors and service personnel from around the world through the online platform We Are Invictus. The Foundation will provide free access to 500 members. The two organizations share a commitment and passion to support the experienced community through effective programs and resources. In December of last year, BetterUp announced their Impact Commitment, including their commitment of 1% – equity, staff time, products and 1% of profits donated to communities and organizations that could have a positive impact on the world. The military and senior communities and their families were the main focus of the impact commitment made by the company.

[From BetterUp]

The press release includes brilliant quotes from Dominic Reed (CEO of Invictus) and Alexei Rabichos (CEO of BetterUp) about this new partnership. It’s the perfect combination for Harry – working perfectly with his “day job” Invictus with BetterUp. Interestingly, it’s not just about free mental fitness coaching for Invictus veterans – Betterup has also made an important commitment to support and recruit veterans and military family members into the workforce. BetterUp The Hague Invictus is hosting a “conversation” for contestants, families, supporters and more.

Of course, Salt Island Lunira is criticizing Harry for providing free mental training to those seniors. And for the corporate synergy of pairing BetterUp with Invictus. Netflix has nothing to do with Invictus. It struck me that Harry wanted to do this year after year, to find better ways to help veterans’ mental health and to find better ways to highlight and promote the stories of the elderly.

Image courtesy of WENN, Invictus Video and BetterUp Video.

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