Bitch | Princess Anne’s visit to the South Pacific is not a colonial mess, but it is

Today marks a full two weeks since we saw the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in public. They are in the air, partly because their kids are off school (my guess), although I’m sure we’ll probably hear about the holidays sometime. William and Kate’s absence has another function – they are trying to keep the news out of Princess Anne’s visit to the South Pacific. For the Jubilee year, Ann was sent to Australia and other South Pacific Commonwealth areas. Pictures of Ann in Australia and Papua New Guinea in recent days.

You may have seen some royal journalists shout at how no one criticizes Ann for “colonialism” like William and Kate. That’s right- Ann is not being criticized, although she is technically doing some of the same events, such as visiting troupes and watching people dance and interacting with people of color. Although Anne has not been criticized for a number of reasons. One, his tour is good or bad, barely getting attention. He rarely makes headlines locally, much less in the UK. Second, he did not wear the garb of a colonial viceroy surveying his empire. He packed cute pantsuits and a few hats, all of which have probably been in his closet for decades. That alone changed the picture – she was doing a prudent job, looking like a dowry, prudent senior woman. Three, he’s not shying away from people of color or greeting people behind the chainlink fence.

Annie’s husband, Sir Timothy Lawrence, is also on the tour. He did not give any news. He never gives any news. He’s a Fedora-wearing icon who focuses on his business and keeps his mouth shut.

Photo courtesy of Instar.

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