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Princess Mako of Japan is literally out of the Japanese royal family. Mako married Kei Kamuro last October, and soon after, they moved to New York full-time. He relinquished all of his royal dignity and refused to take the 1.3 million payout to leave the royal family. Kee works in a law firm and he feels quite comfortable in America, went to law school here and has lived here for many years. After the wedding, Mako was spotted in the New York neighborhood, shopping for household necessities and usually having low-key. Now he is known to have got a job! An unpaid job, so it’s basically an internship.

There is a new title to add to the biography of the former Princess Mako of Japan. Mako Komuro, who married her college boyfriend and moved to New York City last fall, is now reportedly assisting curators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Since Japanese law required a princess to “leave the imperial family after marrying a commoner”, Princess Mako relinquished her royal title to marry Kamuro. He also refused a 1.3 million grant from the Japanese government, which is traditionally given to royal women who lose their royal status when they marry.

According to the Japan Times, Mako Mete is working as an unpaid volunteer. The 30-year-old has been working on the museum’s Asian art collection and was particularly involved in creating an exhibition of paintings inspired by the life of a 13th-century monk who traveled throughout Japan with the introduction of Buddhism.

After graduating with a degree in art and cultural heritage from the International Christian University (where she met her future husband Kei Komoro), Mako is well qualified for the job. He studied art history at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland before graduating in 2016 with a degree in Art Museum and Gallery Studies from the University of Leicester. While on royal duty, he then worked as a special researcher at the University Museum in Tokyo.

A former curator of the Met told People, “He is qualified and probably manages the collection pieces. In general, this is a job that requires a lot of preparation and often a lot of time is spent in the library. “

[From People]

Does it bother me that he is doing an unpaid job for a museum? He deserves a salary position! I’m not sure who wants to support him financially, but Mako is now in America, the land of a two-income family! New York is expensive, a second income will absolutely help. Maybe Mako was promised that the unpaid position could lead to a paid position. Or maybe he just keeps busy before they start a family. I don’t know and it’s nothing in my business, but I hope Mako will be paid at some point!

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