Bitch | Richard K: In fact, Peter Phillips is the Queen’s favorite

I’m writing this because I don’t want it to get lost in the larger shuffle of royal gossip. On Friday, the Daily Mail published another column by Richard Kay, a favorite of both Prince William and Prince Charles. Kee must have gotten an ear from both Kensington Palace and Clarence House in terms of interviews on the Harry’s Today show. Because who misrepresents Harry’s Today interview completely, let me just say this – Harry never claimed that He The queen had Dear The granddaughter indicated that they had a special relationship, that she cared a lot for her grandmother and that she cared about the people around her. In addition to all this, he talked about his late mother and he suffocated in the last two years, describing how he could feel her so much in his life. Surely no one will try to verify the truth of Harry’s emotions, will he? Wrong. Who is here to tell everyone that William is exposed to the thought that Harry is like Diana, and that everyone knows that the Queen’s favorite grandson is Peter Phillips.

William is crazy that Hario is Diana’s son: For several years, through a combination of natural comforts and a reluctance to make their relationship with his brother worse than before, William quietly observed that Harry had entrenched himself more firmly in the legacy of Princess Diana.

William constantly tries to call Diana’s mother: If it was designed to stop the flow of comparisons between the unjust Diana and the boy who believes that she too has been the victim of a careless organization, William must have been bitterly disappointed. Harry has barely breathed a sigh of relief since then, often uttering his mother’s name about the frustration he and Meghan faced, and comparing the royal life and their own illness with Diana’s. (Although it is worth mentioning that, unlike Harry, Diana, for all her inconveniences, did not leave her country and continued to serve the monarchy.)

Now everyone is crazy that Harry says that he and the Queen have enjoyed a unique relationship. Among his recent utterances, it is certainly one of the most breathtaking. While this does not exclude the controversy caused by her inflammatory comments about racism in our royal family, it also invites us to believe that she occupies a unique position among the Queen’s eight grandchildren as her favorite. A longtime employee of the Queen told me: ‘No longer content to claim special status with her mother, she now seems to be the legend of her relationship with her grandmother. Will he recognize this description? I have a lot of doubts. ‘

The queen’s real favorite grandson: The Queen was always careful to avoid accusations of bias against her grandchildren, but insiders insisted that if there was a ‘special one’, it would be Peter Phillips, the son of 44-year-old Princess Anne, not Harry. “He was always close to Peter and admired the way he and his sister Zara conducted themselves as the king’s grandchildren but without the royal title,” said an old friend of the queen. ‘Like William and Harry and Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, Peter and Zara were children of a broken home, but they were exposed more because of Ann’s decision not to give them the title. He thinks that Peter, in particular, has inherited the resilience that characterizes Anne. He sees her as reliable. ‘

Who opposes the idea that Harry laughs at the Queen: There is no doubt that their ability to smile at the same things strengthens the relationship. But the fact is that Harry and Meghan have had valuable little smiles since they began releasing their ‘truth bomb’ to the royal family from exile in California. A close person tells me, ‘He must have been worried about Harry, his temper and his scraps, but since, like Prince Andrew, he fought for his country, he was always very proud of him,’ one close person tells me. ‘He was always very conscious of his dignity in William’s second row, just as Princess Margaret was with him. But it has not been biased and has rarely been seen in the last two years.

[From The Daily Mail]

“Diana, for all her inconveniences, has not left her country and continues to serve the monarchy.” – If he were alive. He would leave that poisonous place in a few years. She was already planning her next move, and her plan did not involve “serving the monarchy” or seeing Charles Camilla be established as the new Princess of Wales. It is also noteworthy that Diana’s service to the monarchy was essentially over – after her divorce she was removed from her royal patronage and she planned to devote her energy to a number of key issues such as landmines and AIDS.

For the rest of it … it’s William, isn’t it? William’s crazy that Harry reminds everyone of the real Diana, not the buttons of William’s wife’s button-covered Diana. William is also mad that Harry seems to have a warm relationship with their grandmother, and so William shouts “She loves Peter more than you do !!!” What a miserable, tiny man. Do you know what else is significant? Even in William’s anger and delusion, he knows he’s nobody’s favorite. She is not the Queen’s favorite or Charles’s favorite or anyone else’s.

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