Bitch | Royal sources insist that Prince Andrew could ‘do much better’ if he were

Over the weekend, the Sunday Times had an intriguing and terrifying story: “Prince Andrew, humiliated and disappointed, dreams of coming back.” This sub-genre of royal reporting has been happening since the end of 2019, let’s be honest. Prince Andrew was forced to “retreat” from public life after his Newsnight interview, and a few days after his dismissal from royal life, the rehabilitation campaign began in earnest. Had it not been for the epidemic, Andrew would regularly return to public royal events in 2020. The Queen was always behind Andrew and she always agreed with him that he should be allowed to “come back”.

Recently, following the presence of Andrew next to the Queen at Prince Philip’s Memorial Service, sources told the Mirror that Andrew had reconciled with Virginia Giffer. “It simply came to our notice then. He is a young man and he has a lot to offer. He would not just sit at home and do nothing until his day was over. I mean Andrew is publicly blackmailing Charles and trying to get a big chunk of cash to get away. This Times piece is a continuation of hers – open blackmail, and Andrew is completely unaware of how disgusting she is and how no one wants her.

Andrew’s Rehabilitation: Despite the tide of emotion against him and the insiders of the palace who insisted there could be no return, sources confirmed that the Duke still aspired to a public role. “In the past, he has done a lot of good for charities, also in his capacity as trade ambassador to the United Kingdom,” said one. “If he is rehabilitated, I think he can do much better. No charges have been filed. Others willing to speak in his defense believe that his behavior was unfair.

Poor Andrew is in a bad place: “He’s obviously in a terrible place,” said a source close to Duke. “If you read this [the Instagram post], It was incredibly personal, and incredibly thoughtful. Even its reaction. . . Here he is sharing something deeply personal on this important anniversary as an experienced person – it’s amazing what it was like to not read. There are some questions about him but there is hardly any balanced judgment about him in the media. He has a lot to give to those who will let him. “

Andrew’s ambitions: A royal source told the Times this week that “his ambition to return to public life and his belief that he can serve remains unclear.” “But he’s the only one who sees it that way.”

There is some support in the Andrew family: Although Andrew is pictured drawing a family in a quarrel, it is understood that he continues to receive kindness and support from his siblings behind the scenes. Charles, 73, “has a very clear description in his mind,” the royal source said. “On the one hand, the Duke of York is his brother, whom he loves, and he will support him like any sibling in difficult times, as supported by the Princess Royal and the Earl of Wessex. What are they? [the siblings] Proficient in understanding the difference between family mobility and institutional needs. Charles is “less sympathetic” when it comes to the duke’s public role – and his view that there is no way back for his troubled brother is unlikely to change. “Recent events will only serve to strengthen that position. But despite growing discussions between the Queen, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge, the Queen is leading the ship.

Coming to Andrew Jubilee: Another royal source, after joining the service of Duke Philip, told the Times that he could be present if other members of the royal family, such as his daughter, Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugene, were present. “He is the queen’s son, so there must be an acceptance that he can be present at a family ceremony,” they said. It is believed that a service to celebrate the Queen’s reign in Derby and St. Paul’s Cathedral is the most likely event.

Prince William did nothing: The role of the Duke of Cambridge in the meeting on Andrew’s future has probably been exaggerated, another source suggested. “The [discussions] The Prince of Wales and the siblings around Andrew had a lot in their hands, ”they said. “That doesn’t mean he has no opinion.”

[From The Sunday Times]

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Andrew should have been fired from royal life and completely exiled in 2019. Duration, end. The truth is that royal journalists are still putting up with this farce “Andrew can really come back” Just shows how untouchable Andrew, the queen and the whole royal establishment really are. And clear, again, this queen. No one can tell him, no one can tell “Stop your degenerate son’s debut, it’s hurting the organization.” So I say, just let him do it. Nothing will change, this rapist will be at the front and center of the human trafficking jubilee event and this will be the last breath of this F-King Mob family.

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