Bitch | Sussex did not ‘leak’ to TMZ, TMZ received their information from LAX

There were some very sad anti-Sussex people on the internet yesterday. They were crying and screaming about how Prince Harry and Meghan “exploited” a poor old queen Leakage Meet them at TMZ. TMZ’s time-stamp in their story is 1:13 PST, meaning 4:13 EST, when the last-minute British reporting happened at about the same time. Church-goers and tourists can see British reporting centering on Harry and Megan outside Windsor Castle. Minutes later, a Sussex spokesman confirmed the trip, but Harry and Meghan had already flown out of the UK.

TMZ’s “exclusive” reporting apparently comes from LAX, big surprise. Their LAX sources say Harry and Meghan flew first class on a commercial flight on Tuesday night, meaning they arrived in the UK on Wednesday morning, rested one day and spent the night chatting with Eugene, Jack and August. Fragmore’s cottage and then they went to see the Queen on Thursday morning and then flew to the Netherlands.

That’s exactly what we’re saying, in the British press Before It was Thursday afternoon “How dare Harry and Meghan travel so close to the UK and not even stop there and see the poor sick queen.” After the tour of Sussex, the narrative “How they stop and dare to see the poor sick queen, they are such famous housewives!” The Daily Mail’s coverage has been predictably uncomfortable, especially since all their commentators on record say that Harry will never see the Queen again. Dumb is one of the new talking points “It was made for their Netflix documentary.” These guys are completely stupid – the Netflix documentary is clearly about Invictus Games!

I was surprised that Ingrid Seward did not go hyper-negative (probably because he was also wrong about sh-t). He said: “This is a great opportunity to clear the air and give an olive branch. After all, it took a long time for Harry and Meghan to get to Windsor. Maundy Thursday is also a special day for the Queen because it is about forgiveness. He is not one to hold a grudge and I think he would gladly greet them with open arms.“I think it was less about an olive branch and more about seeing Harry and Meghan the Queen last time.

Photo courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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