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I wonder if we will ever find out why Queen Elizabeth was hospitalized last October, and what medical issues she had before she was admitted to the hospital and what she has been working on ever since. Because at that moment everything changed, despite the efforts of the palace to make it sound like the Queen was doing bad things with the death of Prince Philip. Shortly after Philip’s death, the Queen was extremely active, attending public events and horse trials, and traveling everywhere. The change came in October when he canceled his last-minute trip to Northern Ireland and the palace covered his hospitalization. I came up with all of this because the palace has for the past six months reduced the Queen’s public presence and lowered the expectation that it would be seen anywhere other than Windsor Castle. Here’s the latest:

The public must begin to speculate that the queen will not attend the public ceremony, a palace source told The Mail on Sunday. In recent months, Buckingham Palace has been forced to announce several last-minute announcements that the Queen has moved away from busyness “sadly” due to mobility problems. Under a new strategy, helpers will now only confirm his presence on the day of an event.

‘It should be assumed that the Queen will not be present at the ceremony,’ the source said. “If His Excellency is present, the decision will be taken on the same day and he will be accompanied by another member of the royal family.”

During her record-breaking 70-year reign, the Queen’s presence in most engagements was planned for months and often publicly announced a few weeks in advance. But the presence of the king – who marked his 96th birthday on Thursday – will now be a bonus rather than a guarantee. This decision means a greater role for Prince Charles, under whose leadership – for the most part – the monarchy continues to function effectively.

Collaborators are hopeful that the Queen will be able to personally attend some of the events marking her 70th birthday, although the number is expected to be lower.

[From The Daily Mail]

Yes, the queen’s health seems to be declining rapidly. Although, I will admit, it may be a recognition from the palace courtiers that their strategy has not worked for the last six months, they must stop pressuring the queen to “see” for all these “important” things. The incident memorial service was a great example of this – they uttered it too much, where if the queen had not gone there people would have felt that it was coming to an end in a few days. I also wonder how easy it is to not even see the Queen in a wheelchair.

Meanwhile, the Queen knows that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a royal (attack) on their flop tour, which is why the Queen is leaning more towards Charles, Ann, Edward and Sophie these days:

Royal branding experts claim that after William and Kate’s Caribbean tour, Queen Sophie Wessex and Princess Anne are leaning towards indomitable monarchs to strengthen the image of the monarchy. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, around Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas, saw the couple face a backlash after facing tensions in the Caribbean during an eight-day long tour. Their trip was marred by public outcry and protests over British colonialism, which has dubbed the effort a “tone def” for modern sensitivities.

In the face of criticism, the Maharaja is reportedly moving back to the ‘relatively scandalous and error-free’ royal family to provide support for the royal family before the Platinum Jubilee. Royal branding expert Cell Otness claims that after failing to create ‘excitement’ for the monarchy, the queen is relying on her children to ‘play her part and create excitement for the jubilee’.

“Wessex was relatively scandalous and error-free with Princess Anne and her family,” he told the Express. ‘And it’s significant that they’re touring the Caribbean right after William and Kate. ‘I think it shows some confidence in them on the part of the queen.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I really wonder if Cambridge will ever be sent on another kind of tour like the chaotic colonial flop tour. The Queen and Prince Charles really saw how badly William and Kate traveled and how disabled they were. It’s better to just keep the Kinseys as “in-house” idiots and send them around the UK.

Photo courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar.

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