Bitch | Tina Brown: Jeffrey Epstein thinks Prince Andrew is ‘useful’

Of Tina Brown Palace papers The weekend was quoted by the Telegraph. I would imagine more quotes coming, probably in People Magazine or The Daily Beast. But for now, the Telegraph is exclusive and I’m really surprised who chose the quotes. Part of it was about Charles and Camilla’s 2005 wedding, and this is what we’re talking about now, how Prince Andrew was always rude, stupid and uncompromising. That’s why Jeffrey Epstein chose to befriend her. You can read this part here (it’s paid) and here are some highlights:

Andrew was dropped from the 2012 Jubilee Events: The image of a curated royal family hit the right note at a time of economic austerity. But a former aide told me: “I heard people were literally blocking family members from trying to get on the porch.”

Andrew’s Money: He had to make a living from an official allowance of ,000 250,000 a year and about 20,000 20,000 from the civil list for his official activities and an indefinite allowance following the ambiguity of the Queen’s wishes. Inherited slippery members are like harem creatures in the Middle East, all captives of luxury are annoyed, but without any means or skills to lead a successful life. And the way the queen makes money is extraordinarily personal. Family members are anxiously awaiting his decision.

His work as “Trade Envoy”: Former Secretary of State and Labor MP Chris Bryant told me that “it was common knowledge that the last thing the FO wanted was for Andrew to be on a trip, because he was bothering half the people at the dinner table, going on secret missions, and returning with gifts.” It was a nightmare because he insisted on more land in hotels than any other member of the royal family. When he went to Davos, he had the biggest chalet of all and everyone went: ‘Why?’ “

Andrew and Epstein: Epstein always knew how to press the right mental button. There was a void in Duke’s personality. That’s why he laughed even louder and bragged so much. He knew that in all the palaces he lived in and that all the servants who made him sir, he was the second son who had a mirage with Charles in his childhood. Epstein cleverly exploited Andrew’s sense of accusation. The wife of a financier sitting next to Andrew at the Epstein dinner told me how the Crown Prince suddenly announced: “I don’t know why people don’t respect our princes much.”

A useful fool:
Personally, Epstein told people that Andrew was a fool, but – to him – a useful one. An old royal, though stigmatized, is always a strong magnet abroad. Epstein confessed to a friend that he flew to the Duke of York to obscure foreign markets, where governments were forced to accept him, and Epstein went along as HRH’s investment adviser. With Andrew as the frontman, Epstein could deal with these (often) shady players.

[From The Telegraph]

There’s more in the piece but the whole thing is just awful. Andrew has apparently been known as a boob-ogler for a long time and he would literally go to people’s private homes and then stay in bed for a few days, watching p0rn. Once he became firm with Epstein, Andrew would never stay in a hotel or embassy in New York, he would just stay with Epstein. Brown further writes that he and Ghisline Maxwell traveled in the same circle occasionally but Maxwell always kept him cool. Brown added that Epstein once came to his Daily Beast office and threatened to “stop” reporting on his crime. The whole mess. But yes, of course Prince Andrew is a complete F-King pig.

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