Bitch | Tina Brown: ‘Megan got angry very quickly, and that’s what hit her

Tina Brown gave an interview to Mary Claire for the promotion Palace papers. As I have said, Brown is not changing the pro-Cambridge narrative to suit his audience. In his American and British promotional interviews, he says almost the same thing, and my concern is that American listeners will start to wonder what kind of point he has? When he really is, the reason he’s so Cambridge-friendly is because of the people who talked to him at Kensington Palace and the Middleton Manor. He follows his origins and is apparently (nowadays) a stenographer of power. Some highlights of this interview:

People believe in Cambridge: “There is a lot of frustration in many circles about Charles, but I think he will be a transitional king. There is a lot of faith in Cambridge. [The royal family] Blessed with a pair of people who seem to have accepted their responsibilities and are willing to serve the way they have been trained. It’s amazing to see, really, and we’re lucky, yet, however, William never escaped his fate. She is like a queen by nature – a wise, cautious man, a quiet man, a gentleman.

Isn’t Kate a dormitory? “Kate, the amazing thing about it was that people thought Kate, who came from a middle-class family, was by no means of high descent: would she be able to carry it on? William was prudent – it took him 10 years to decide who he was. He really told her to train, basically, to be his wife. She has a degree in history; she’s not a flying girl at all. She’s a serious woman, but still, she’s willing to wait for William and build her life around him without being dormant. She’s very unusual.

The monarchy did its best to ensure that “another Diana” would never exist: “It simply came to our notice then. For 20 years they have been fidgeting, trying to make the point that everyone is in line now. Got myself in a firm shape. We had a glorious year, as I write: 2011 Queen’s departure for Ireland, Harry serving in the Army — everything seemed to be working out for itself. The great and interesting thing about this family story, the reason why it creates such an interesting element is that it moves the fate and introduces Meghan to Harry, and all of a sudden they get it again. [Meghan] A celebrity, a woman who has a lot of charisma of her own and a strong desire of her own, has a strong sense of freedom, who is not going to be subject to this notion of hierarchy and monarchy. They had it again, and, in a way that was almost uncontrollable because Diana was a child, really, when she got married … “

Meghan was “angry”: “Megan got angry very quickly, and that’s what moved the family. They’re still fidgeting and wondering why something went wrong so quickly. It’s still a source of great pain for them; when they decided to interview Oprah they were completely The six dropped out and now Harry is doing a book. Harry has become a disruptive force in the family. For them, it’s like Diana’s son continues to campaign to disrupt Charles’ future kingdom and the “War of Wales” continues. It’s a very volatile factor.

Harry an IED: “When you ask about the future of the monarchy, I think the most brilliant, well-qualified and trained people between Kate and William are the kings and queens of the future. Sounds like hell to disrupt … don’t forget, [Harry’s book] That’s going to be out as a conversion [to Charles] Dangerously close. We do not know how long the queen’s health will last. This is a very delicate moment, and their last thing is to turn off the IED.

Whether Meghan could have been “handled” differently: “I think it can be made to work extremely well. She was a favorite with the public when she married Harry. Much slower if he took things too far-I think Kate was too smart to be too, too slow to enter the realm of the masses. But Meghan really wanted to come out with a gun as the new world king. And I think we need to further exploit the culture of his palaces and understand the minefields there. And next to the palaces, I’m sure they’re going crazy; The palace is very traditional, decisions are made slowly. They are not accustomed to a strong American, a hard-driving executive type of woman. They do things in their own traditional way, which is very frustrating, I think, who has a career and is good.

[From Marie Claire]

Again, I’m covering all of these things because I don’t want Tina Brown’s narrative to become a conventional, specific version of events. Brown continues to act as if Meghan enters Buckingham Palace and shouts “We need to change everything!” She wasn’t. He wanted to act fast because (I think) he wanted to “prove his worth” to the organization. He wanted to help people and do good deeds and highlight important factors with the platform he was given. But he tried to learn the rules, he tried to work within the organization. “Megan got angry very quickly, and that’s what moved the family …” Like Meghan, an adult woman, she realized she was being manipulated, gassed, abused, racially abused and controlled, and she wanted to do GTFO.

As Kate. “She is not a flying girl at all. She was a serious woman … she was willing to wait for William and build her life around him without dormat … “ This is the opposite day? My God. Kate flying. He is a lightweight. She is a dormitory. All of this is so weird.

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