Bitch | Viola Davis criticizes her mubama: ‘Not everything will happen

I’m observing First lady In Showtime, Michelle Obama is played by Viola Davis, Betty Ford is played by Michelle Fifa, and Eleanor Roosevelt is played by Gillian Anderson. This is far better than I expected and an entertaining re-enactment of the way these women challenged the convention and changed history. Of all the actresses, Viola got the most attention because she played the role of the most recent First Lady, a woman who is loved and respected worldwide. Needless to say, there’s a scene this week between Viola and Rahm Emanuel, the actor who played Michael Aronov, it’s awesome.

As I mentioned in my last story on this show, I doubt that anyone like Viola could play that role. She’s one of the best living actresses of today and she’s great at capturing Michelle’s energy, drive and partnership with Barack. Viola also makes some of Michelle’s signature face and she leans towards Michelle’s lips and expression. It’s not that bad and I don’t find it distracting! The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; These were picked up by the press and somewhat mistreated. Viola has spoken to BBC News about criticism of her performance and she admits it hurts.

Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis has hit back at critics over her role as Michelle Obama in the new US TV drama series The First Lady.

Some viewers said Davis pushed his lips excessively, while many complained that his facial expressions were misleading and insulting.

Speaking to BBC News, Davis said that “it is incredibly harmful when people talk negatively about your work”.

Criticism, he admits, is a “professional danger” to acting.

“How do you go from injury to failure?” Asked the 56-year-old. “But you have to. Everything is not going to be a rewarding performance.”

But in a deceptive response, Davis said: “Critics do not serve any purpose at all. And I’m not saying it’s bad.

“They always think they’re telling you something you don’t know. Somehow you are living a life where you are surrounded by people who lie to you and ‘I’m going to be the person who leans towards you and tells you the truth’. So it gives them a chance to be cruel to you …

“But in the end, I think it’s my job as a leader to make bold choices. It is my duty to win or lose. ”

The star says playing someone known as Michelle Obama is “almost impossible”. “Either you’re doing too much or not enough,” he noted.

And he has no idea what the woman in question thought of his portrayal. “I have no personal contact with Michelle Obama,” he said.

[From BBC]

Viola is promoting her memoirs, Find me, Which came out yesterday! I got my copy and read a few pages. It’s the conversation and pulling me. I will definitely finish it. (Read our story about Viola’s interview with Oprah to learn more about her memoirs.)

For the sake of criticism, I don’t think it’s a failure like Viola. I think a lot of the gossip is being rolled out for titles and stories, and a lot of it is based on screenshots that don’t capture its performance. The show was just released and the response was in the first episode. How many complainants have actually seen it and how many are just shaking their knees at the screenshots of Viola pursing her lips? Michelle does that and her expression is legendary. I also wonder if Michelle and Barack have seen this show or would be too weird for them to see it. Michelle may have stopped it by praising Viola’s performance, but I don’t know if she wants to set foot in all of this.

Upcoming Viola Movies, The female kingLooks good! (Last slide.) A trailer has been shown at the cinema but I can’t find it online.

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