Bitch | When he was young, Prince William bragged about punishing people

One of the things we’ve learned about Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship over the years is that William was often as “bad” as Harry, but Harry was usually to blame, or publicly atone for his misbehavior in various ways. William was rarely. It’s inherited and extra dynamic, and it was played between the brothers even when they were little boys. Even today, William constantly refrains from his own “bad behavior” by throwing his younger brother under the proverbial bus. That is to say, William was a “holy grail” as a boy. Just like he is now a holy terror. He learned early on that he was “special” because of the birth order and that he was always the Lord above all.

Prince William was a “holy terror” as a child. In fact, even Queen Elizabeth complained to Prince Philip that their grandson was “out of control,” Tina Brown wrote in her book, The Palace Papers, on Tuesday.

“He’s not happy that he loves to say, ‘When I’m king, I’m going to make a new rule that …,'” Brown wrote. Diana admits that when she and Charles returned from a royal visit to Canada in 1983, William, whom they nicknamed “Ombat”, “became a holy grail – knocking on tables and lamps, shattering everything. At the age of four, his nanny Barbara Barnes had an ugly habit of yapping, ‘No one tells me what to do! I’ll punish you when I’m king.’ “

Highgrove guards are tired of the young man constantly being hit with a water gun, and in pre-school he was known as “Bashar Wills”.

However, at about six years of age, William began to behave, and Harry became a “whimsical effect of misrule” who once smeared sheep dung on his father’s suit while he was going to board a helicopter on an official trip. “Look at me!” Charles is said to have cried. “I’m totally covered in sheep!”

As William grew up he became a word board for Diana whom he saw as his “most trusted confidant” and “my little wise old man”. “William understood Diana more (than Harry), but made her less ideal,” Brown wrote. “He was the secret of his restless love life. He knew that the tabloids had made his life a living hell, but he also knew that he had mixed them up. “

[From Page Six]

“When I become king, I’m going to make a new rule that …” And “No one says what to do! I will punish you when I am king … “ They all saw that William would become the seed of the man – insignificant, vindictive, punitive, power-hungry, short-sighted. If you ask me, William is still that boy, dreaming of the day when he will make rules and punish his enemies. He still believes that when he becomes king, he will eventually pay them all.

Photo courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar.

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