Bitch | Why there are no food details in Brooklyn Beckham’s stories

I was amazed at how few people believed in a true love match between Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz! They are definitely going to last forever! No, probably not, but they may last longer than we expected. I doubt they will last as long as it takes Nicola to be monotonous, really. As much as people want to leave him to act like Brooklyn, I get a vibe that he’s mostly in charge (and he likes it).

However, I am adding more pictures of their weekend wedding to this post. They posted their exclusive photos of British Vogue and American Vogue and they posted some photos on their separate Instagram accounts. Both British and American Vogue have received various exclusive details about the wedding – Nicola Valentino gowns and Claudia Schiffer-Esque had a long section about styling. The Beckham boys all wore Dior suits. There was even more extensive coverage of British consumption about who was there and what happened at the wedding:

Clothing details: The bride wore a romantic Valentino couture gown with a show-stopping train, chosen with the help of her stylist Leslie Framer for the most lavish – and star-studded – wedding of the year. On top of the fine workmanship, the dress includes sweet personal details: the bride’s mother has added an evil eye as an amulet for her daughter, with a message that Valentino’s team has sewn the wedding gown using blue thread.

Music: The bride floated down the corridor in her father’s arms, to the sound of a live performance by UK artist Sekor “Sunbard”, along with a string orchestra, part of a musical program hosted by ALR Music. Her new sister-in-law, Harper Beckham, was among the flower girls, and her brides wore gowns made by tailor Joel Diaz.

Peltz family gift to groom: The groom wore a diamond chain from Anita Co, a gift from his new in-laws. “She wore it on Friday night as a high-end wallet chain, and as a formal chain attached to the front of her evening jacket on her wedding night,” said Coe, who was a guest at the event. “These were bezel set emerald cut diamonds.”

Cocktail: After the ceremony, guests play a jazz quartet as they mix cocktails decorated with seasonal white cherry blossoms, then a 12-piece live band takes charge of entertainment for a black-tie dinner at the wedding tent, decorated by HMR Design. Garden roses are layered with peonies, tiny white ranunculus, spray roses and hydrangea.

Charity: Aware of what happened in other parts of the world as they celebrated their wedding, Brooklyn and Nicola have partnered with the humanitarian organization CARE and invited guests to donate in their name to provide support for women and girls, families and the elderly. In Ukraine. The bride was one of the parents who made a significant donation.

[From British Vogue]

I totally suspect that Vogue has got all these details about music and flowers and speeches, yet no one mentions food or wedding cakes! Tell us about the cake! Tell me what food has been served, come on! Apparently, Thierry Isambert was the wedding chef. And that’s all we know. For charity … good for them. Seriously, I’m glad they asked for a grant in care rather than a gift. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. Arrogant but not exactly glamorous.

Photos courtesy of Enjoy / Instagram.

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