Black China wants to re-examine Kardashian’s testimony, claiming to have seen him

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Black China wants Kardashian to retry his testimony in court

Social media is influential Black China Wants to testify again in the case against him Kardashian.

According to reports, Black China, 33, has indicated to a court judge to withdraw his earlier testimony and is requesting a retrial. The report states that Black China ‘The legal team cited an “uncontrolled emotional response” as the reason for her nudity. Their argument Black China The moment was “triggered”, and the photos presented allegedly destroyed the evidence.

Earlier, the information was given in the case China Took a position and became unbearably teary while talking in a private nude photo shared by his then fianc Rob Kardashian. China The legal party wrote in the movement that showing the pictures was a “violation of the previous order”. They claim that the order was merely to prevent retaliation China It was time to stay at the stand. In addition, they say that looking at the photos, Socialite is unable to answer otherwise simple questions. That is why they are filing China Testimony hurt and a new one approved.

Black China

Model and reality TV star Black China Currently suing the reputation Kardashian The family spent millions of dollars accusing him of canceling his reality show “Rob and China”. Back in 2017, China An e-landing! Network spin-off series with her child’s father Rob Kardashian. Although reportedly popular, the show ended abruptly after one season. In the case, China Claim Chris Jenner And his daughters Kim Kardashian, Khalo KardashianAnd Kylie Jenner E use their effects! To terminate his contract. China Seeks compensation of over $ 100 million for loss of earned and future income.

In response to the stay China Evidence rejected, Kardashian The legal team’s proposal has been rejected. Through court documents, Kardashian Lawyers claim China The latest move is the only way to confuse what they believe was a “catastrophic” day in court for reality stars. In the report, they also believe the move is strategic. Quoted by lawyers China Motion is then filed Kardashian A “directed judgment” has been requested. The move would evade the jury and allow a judge to rule directly on damages.


No decision has been taken by the court in this regard yet.


From what you have read, do you believe that Black China should be allowed to give new testimony? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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