Black News Channel has been called by former employees for failing to pay the final amount

BNC host Ayesha Mills, left, host Dale Walters, BNC President and CEO Prince Hair and “BNC Prime” host Charles Blow. (Black News Channel)

More than 250 people were called in by former employees for failing to pay a final check after the black news channel was abruptly shut down.

Black News Channel Currently on fire.

Former employees of the network claim that they were blinded by the sudden closure of operations. To make matters worse, they further claim that they have been waiting a few weeks for their final paychecks, only to be told that they will not receive them as promised.

According to an alleged copy of the email, BNC Explains that the company is going through the legal process of filing for bankruptcy. However, parties interested in purchasing aspects of their business have been forced to change their original filing plans. Later, BNC Says due to the legal process of their new filing strategy, they will not be able to issue the final paycheck within the date of contact in real sense. Read the email:

“As the Black News Channel (” BNC “) continues to operate through our Bankruptcy Chapter 11 filing process on March 28, 2022, the deadline to complete some key steps has been extended, one of which is to pay the earned but unpaid wages. To the employees … “

This goes on:

“During that communication … the BNC’s plan was to close the business and close its doors completely. However, as news of the shutdown spread in the media, a number of credible parties expressed interest in buying BNC, so in the name of exploring these investigations, our restructuring strategy was changed. “

After receiving the email, multiple employees went to social media to express their frustration and seek legal help. Once the user shares, they are informed about the payment delay the night before the check is issued, writing:

# BNC Failed to pay our final check. They were supposed to give it tomorrow and tonight at 10:37 they sent an email saying “It is very sad to inform you that # BNC Will not be able to pay this wage on Friday, April 8, 2022 as previously reported. “

He continued to ask if there were any employment attorneys capable of assisting the former BNC Staffing issues:

Another user shared the annoying email as well as his frustration with the company’s writing:

“When the black news channel @BNCNews shut down two weeks ago without any warning, the management promised to suddenly pay 250 of its employees by Friday, April 8 without working.” Today, we received an email stating that this would not happen. “

As the story unfolds, BNC Continue to garner support from former employees. Other former employees who left the company before closing their doors also entered; One alleges they left the company without receiving holiday pay:

The TV service, which will be launched in 2020, announced on Friday, March 25, that they will immediately shut down operations. The channel reached more than 50 million cable and satellite families during its operation, but failed to generate significant viewers.

Jacksonville Jaguar is owned by a network representative or a majority stakeholder in the company Shaad Khan Made no statement about.


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