Black Twitter mocks Michelle Obama’s Viola Davis parsed lip portrait

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Screencap: YouTube

At first glance Viola Davis‘The portrayal of the former First Lady Michelle Obama It seemed a Live Saturday night Farce

Davis played Michelle Obama in a showtime series titled “First Lady” Debuted that Sunday night.

In one scene in the series, Davis constantly purses his lips and makes exaggerated facial expressions while talking to the actor who played former President Barack Obama.

Black Twitter wondered how Michelle felt about Viola’s over-the-top performance.

Davis continues his exaggerated facial expressions in another scene that looks like it came out straight Tyler PerryOf “Oval” TV series.

It is not clear why the way Oscar winner Michelle acted. Or if she is instructed to act in a ridiculous version of the real Michelle

TMZ Report That Davis is taking his role very seriously. But Twitter thinks so.

Black Twitter was not happy with Viola’s acting skills. See comments below.

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