Blown away at a comedy show on TI NY (video)

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Rapper Tip “TI” Harris may be king of the South, but he’s fighting for his second career as a comedian.

TI bombs out during a standup comedy gig in New York. The following video of the 41-year-old rapper during a comedy show in Brooklyn over the weekend sent a loyal reader.

The audience laughed – but they were Smiling Rather ti with him.

Then the boos start to filter through the crowd. Boos is usually a death knell for a comedian.

Being a comedian is not easy. TI proves that having heart and ambition is not enough in comedy. Comedians need to be fun and they also need a good delivery and time.

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Steve Harvey’s Deadpan Delivery has made him an A-list star. He can joke about a laundry basket and the audience will roar with laughter. Totally on his delivery.

Watch the video below.

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