Brian Underwood is disrupting the space of health and wellness

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Brian Underwood is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and an influential person who likes to have the same attitude among others. He is the co-founder and CEO of Provit, a leader in health and wellness. As a lifestyle brand, Prüvit creates an ecosystem for people seeking a healthier lifestyle. Founded in 2015, Prüvit works through direct sales, harnessing the power of the community in trade. Since then, the company has grown rapidly due to Brian’s clear vision, inspiration and ability to bring people together.

Dr. popular as a host Stay with B.U. Streaming podcasts across all major platforms, Brian demonstrates his role as a true thought leader. Using his personal experience through successes and failures, Brian hopes to help aspiring entrepreneurs move faster. And as his track record shows, he is a driven strategist with a lot of wisdom to share.

“Get 1% better every day; it’s not about windfall progress, it’s about continuous progress.” She shares with her team. While the past several years with Provit have been incredibly rich for Brian, it would not have been possible without the personal trials and tribulations of the previous 25 years. He credits those years ago for preparing him for the success he is seeing now because, without a strong foundation, you cannot bear the burden of victory. It’s easy to look at Provit and remember that they were a sudden success, but you’ll miss the years dedicated to learning through frustration and failure. That’s why Brian responds to that comment, he says A “three decades of overnight success.”

Brian Underwood
Brian Underwood

Brian Underwood

One of the biggest challenges for aspiring entrepreneurs is that Brian sees that the focus is on the “spoils” of success rather than the continuity that is needed to achieve success. When looking for a business consultant, forget about foreign cars, luxury homes or a private jet; Find current credibility. As a person who has consistently worked to create an innovative concept in a nine-digit business, Brian has that credibility. Prior to Provit, Brian learned the value of not letting the monotony of daily crushing or speed bumps affect his drive.

As an entrepreneur, overcoming failures and difficulties are two things that you must feel comfortable with if you want to succeed. To maintain your strength and effort you need to familiarize yourself with the ups and downs. It was because of this business rollercoaster that Brian re-framed the failed effort as an opportunity to learn, turning a negative situation into a positive one. He often goes to social media to share his personal education lessons over the past three decades because he knows what sets a successful entrepreneur apart and the ability to explain, gather insights, adapt and grow those mistakes from the rest of a successful business.

Coming from one of the most important lessons of his career, Brian laid the groundwork in the biohacking space by commercializing the first extroverted ketone technology, KETO // OS. With overwhelmingly positive feedback, Provit had more than 17,000 backorders in the first few months. This challenge, which can crush most startups, can be overcome by Brian’s previous experience and solution-oriented mindset. Surrounding themselves with a team willing to work behind the scenes, they were able to jump through that initial hurdle and much more since then. While the impressive earnings are something that the company is extremely proud of, Brian sees that the real value comes from the community that has chosen to be a part of this movement.

Brian always emphasizes the importance of associating himself with quality people. Empowerment comes from within, but it ultimately creates the path you choose to work with and the way you live your life. Her father was her first positive influence in her life, constantly encouraging her to be positive and confident in all her endeavors. Brian passed on that positive influence and all his learning lessons to his followers.

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