British Rainer calls Lil Dark to say India Royal had low body count

Brittany Rainer, Lil Dark, India Cox

Britannia Renner calls Lil Dark one reason for stating India Royal’s low body count: How many kids are out of wedlock

Britney Rainer It turns out he’s not here for double standards in relationships.

Socialite Britney Rainer30, recently sat down to chat with the women on the “Know for sure” podcast and called the rapper Lil DorkThe 29-year-old, for his earlier remarks about his fiance, Indian royale, body number is low. As previously reported, last month Lil DorkBorn Durk Banks, he finds himself at the center of a heated discussion after apparently revealing it. Of India Royal One of the reasons for the low number of sexual partners is that he has decided to pop the big question. He said

“He wasn’t passing around. It was like counting his body. It really did it.”

Following his comments, some people now took to the internet to consider what was being said Britney Rainer As well as sharing his peace. When chatting with a podcast host B. Simon And Megan Brooks About relationship breakers, Rainer Said

“We have to go here – [Lil Durk’s] Which is like not having many bodies in India, and not depriving anyone in the industry, but how many kids have you got – married?

He goes on

“It simply came to our notice then. I didn’t like it. You like him because ‘a lot of industry men haven’t dealt with him.’

When Megan Brooks Says that the comments of the “rumor” rapper were at least “honest” Rainer Replied,

“I can respect honesty, I can’t respect hypocrisy – that’s all.”

(Watch the full episode below “)

This is not the first time Rainer The table shook during a podcast interview. Earlier this year she went viral for calling “Fresh and Fit” podcast hosts for their previously antisocial comments. He said

“So, what makes you special? What do you gain by telling girls that they are not special? How does that make you feel? I mean, I know everything is a joke, but I’m asking you a real question. So, that you How do you feel? Because if I say, ‘You’re a ** n * gig *,’ it does something for me, doesn’t it?

He goes on

“But I’m saying… if I say, again, you’ll forget. That’s why I didn’t want to podcast your boys … Unforgettable. Hate the setup, the name is unpleasant, I didn’t really see the value of it. “

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